CCTV Cameras in Dubai

Every day illegal activities are increasing and many people try to go against the law. To prevent and capture the evidence of these activities you must install a closed-circuit television camera in your business and residential space in Dubai. The main function of this camera is to provide surveillance of the area and capture all the events. Demand and growth of security cameras are increasing daily. Many countries are developing special surveillance systems to ensure that every citizen is safe and secure in both public and private areas. The same initiative is taken by the government, they have installed CCTV cameras all over UAE to secure all of its citizens.

We are going to help you to know the best CCTV cameras in Dubai with their brands and features. Moreover, our comprehensive guide is designed for people with little knowledge about surveillance systems.

Factors to Know Before Buying a CCTV Cameras in Dubai

When purchasing security cameras some important factors need to be known to the buyers. These factors will provide all the information required to buy a suitable security system for the household and corporate sectors. 


  • The first thing to know is the area and space that you plan to cover with the surveillance system. For this, you need to measure the area and survey the whole property.
  • The second thing is to know whether your requirement is discreet or fully visible security cameras. Discreet cameras are hidden from criminals and record everything without them noticing.
  • The most overlooked characteristic of CCTV cameras is the quality of the image. It can cause problems, like identifying criminals, blurring images, and much more.
  • Nowadays audio also become an essential part of CCTV cameras in Dubai. Throughout Dubai, people are installing cameras with audio recording options. This can be useful in many situations like solving quarrels between employees in the workplace.
  • If you are looking to buy cameras for outdoor space, then you must consider the night vision feature. It provides a clear sight of the area.
CCTV Cameras in Dubai

Leading CCTV Camera Brands in Dubai

The rise of crime also made a large impact on CCTV companies and products. Each company is competing with others to design a product with more features and better quality. It’s challenging to find a brand that will fulfill all the requirements, but still, we are going to mention the best security camera brands in Dubai.

Hikvision CCTV Cameras

One of the leading brands in the surveillance system market is Hikvision. With its cutting-edge technology, Hikvision manufactures products for various purposes. Over the years, many customers have purchased Hikvision products. Users preferred this brand because of their advanced and innovative technology.

Indoor CCTV Camera: Hikvision (DS-2CD2146G2-I(SU)

  • An amazing indoor CCTV camera from Hikvision is great for living rooms, hallways, workstations, and corridors. 
  • A high-resolution 4 MP camera that enhances the graphics and provides a clear image.
  • The resistant technology of this camera saves from natural elements like dust and water. Furthermore, it is also vandal-proof.
  • The integrated microphone provides real-time auto security.

Outdoor CCTV Camera: Hikvision (DS-2CD2666G2-IZS)

  • With 6 MP this outdoor camera comes with a motorized varifocal lens for monitoring.
  • You can use this security camera in different locations such as parking areas, bus stops, traffic signals, and ATM locations. 
  • You can use this security camera in different locations such as parking areas, bus stops, traffic signals, and ATM locations. 
  • It is an excellent choice for extreme weather. With its resistant technology, no water vapor or dust particles can enter its lens.
  • Additionally, you will also get an alarm and audio interface from this security camera.



EZVIZ was developed as a company that provides advanced security solutions to everyone. It comes with a diverse and large portfolio of products that are manufactured with cutting-edge technology. EZVIZ developed the surveillance systems to fulfill the requirements of every user.

Indoor CCTV Camera: CP1 4MP

  • CP1 has a 4 MP camera that covers all the areas in 2K resolution.
  • Now you can view the whole room by using its pan-tilt technology that rotates 360 degrees. 
  • In addition to that, you can see this security camera using the built-in Wi-Fi technology.
  • The two storage options enable you to store maximum data.
  • The two-way communication of this CCTV camera comes in handy when you want to talk with your loved ones.

Outdoor CCTV Camera: C8PF Dual-Lens Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

  • C8PF is a great outdoor security camera with a pan-tilt zoom function which allows the user to see in every direction.
  • With amazing design and features, this camera won the best design award in 2020.
  • The dual lenses of this security camera allow you to zoom 8x to see more details.
  • The AI technology of the C8PF allows it to distinguish between human shapes from pets and objects which reduces the false and irrelevant alarm. 
  • This camera comes with fully weatherproof technology to withstand every weather and natural elements.

AXIS Communications CCTV Cameras

AXIS Communications is the top manufacturer of security cameras for commercial and residential property. Many small and large businesses around the world are using the AXIS Communications surveillance system to secure their property.  AXIS Communications designs different categories of products such as thermal, network, modular, and panoramic security cameras. Here are two of the best CCTV cameras from AXIS Communications.

Thermal CCTV Camera: AXIS Q1942-E Thermal Network Camera

  • AXIS Q1942-E ensures full security with its excellent detection and quick verification feature. 
  • This security system’s amazing 3 MP resolution camera leaves no blind spot and provides full coverage. 
  • Whether it’s glaring sunlight or pitch darkness, this security camera promptly verifies every situation.
  • False alarms and unessential alerts are reduced to a minimum. The lens is well protected by conditions like snow, rain, dust, and shadows.

Modular Camera: AXIS P1245 Network Camera

  • AXIS P1245 is an amazing choice if you want your camera completely hidden from the public.
  • This highly discreet camera allows you to capture video in 1080 resolution.
  • It comes with a mounting bracket, a thumb-sized sensor unit, a compact main unit, and locking nuts for quick installation.
  • AXIS P1245 is a suitable option for ceiling panels, ATMs, mounting in ticket machines, and healthcare monitoring equipment.

Dahua Securtiy CCTV Cameras

When it comes to safety and simplicity Dahua Security is the best. Dahua manufactures products for every kind of consumer whether they are from the commercial or residential sector. The main focus of this company is to meet every customer’s needs by using advanced technology. Here are two best CCTV cameras in Dubai from Dahua with outstanding features.

Network Camera: 4MP TiOC Network Bullet Camera (N43BX8Z)

  • This surveillance system from Dahua Security comes with a three-in-one camera with multiple features.
  • A newly introduced voice catcher feature that can record audio at a distance. 
  • The 4 MP camera provides high-resolution video image quality.
  • Perimeter protection and smart motion detection deliver accurate results. 
  • Its active alarm comes with red/blue lights and a siren to alert the surroundings.

Thermal Camera: EVX Temperature Measurement Mini Hybrid Thermal Network Eyeball Camera (DHI-TPC-DF1241-T-S2 Series)

  • EVX thermal camera delivers long-range surveillance by using a 4 MP lens with a visible light sensor.
  • Now you can get sharp and clear images in total darkness with its focus-free thermalized lens
  • Smoke and excessive temperature detection give quick audible and visual alerts.

Installation and Maintenance of CCTV Cameras in Dubai

Best CCTV cameras require the best installation and maintenance. When it comes to installation, many consumers neglect professional installation and choose the hard way. This can later create problems for the user. A security camera installed by a professional is feared by criminals and loved by the property owner. Installing a surveillance system requires some steps and actions. Furthermore, a thorough survey by the company is also needed to know the location and create a proper plan. Similarly, maintenance is also essential for CCTV cameras regularly. Regular checkups and repairs ensure that the system is working perfectly. 

Ensure Professional Installation and Maintenance

If you are looking for a skilled installation that will provide complete security solutions, then you have to let us know. Alpha Capital Security Solutions LLC is a company with specialized and experienced professionals. The purpose of the company is to provide complete installation and annual maintenance of the CCTV cameras  in Dubai. We ensure you safety and security of your property by meeting all the regulatory standards of the government of Dubai.


Finally, you must first know your requirements to get the best CCTV cameras in Dubai. Every brand that we have listed offers a great range of products that contribute to the safety and security of the city. If you are still unsure contact us now and get a free quote and survey of the site. We will send a team of specialists in the field of CCTV camera installation and maintenance. They will also suggest products that meet your demands and budget.

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