3CX PBX and Telephone System in Dubai

Enhance your business communication with the 3CX PBX and Telephone System in Dubai. Enjoy seamless connectivity, advanced features, and tailored solutions for efficient and reliable telephony in your organization.

3CX is the international private branch exchange (PBX), and it is software based on the session initiation protocol (SIP) standard. 3CX allows companies and businesses to make calls using voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) and public switched telephone network (PSTN) services. The 3CX software is compatible with the Raspberry , Windows, and Linux operating systems. It supports the standard SIP hard/softphones, VoIP services, and PSTN phone lines.

In the digital world of telecommunications, the 3CX is known for its easy installation and management. The 3CX IP PBX system provides the Microsoft Windows environment’s VoIP solution. Contact us if you want to install new services or upgrade the existing 3CX package.

Our company, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC, is based in Dubai, UAE. We operate in all the significant areas and cities of the United Arab Emirates. The trained professionals in our team will install the setup within a few minutes, and it is available in the cloud or on-premise.

Why Choose 3CX-PBX and Telephone System in Dubai?

Regarding PBX and telephone system solutions, 3CX-pbx offers many options, each with a different price. The 3CX-pbx provides flexibility and scalability that enable businesses to customize however they want. From free to enterprise, 3CX-pbx has provided all the solutions. They provided apps for all the famous platforms, like Android, 3CX-iOS, Windows, and PWA office apps.

You can now enjoy video conferencing without hassle; it’s free and requires no application or registration. Stay connected with your team everywhere and at any time.


Key Features of 3CX PBX and Telephone System

  • 3CX-SOHO can now segregate both personal and business communication.
  • Effectively route the calls to avoid leaving the clients waiting.
  • The management of inbound text messages and WhatsApp becomes central to the entire team.
  • Integrate a free website conversation feature to engage and convert visitors.
  • Enable click-to-call on your website, allowing customers to initiate calls.
  • Stay connected across iOS, Android, Windows, and Web platforms.
  • Utilize office numbers regardless of your location.
  • Conduct meetings, presentations, and team catch-ups via 3CX-pbx video conferencing with no limits or additional costs.
  • Quickly scale your communication requirements with 3CX, upgrading to a low-cost, paid small business plan as your business grows.

Benefits of 3CX PBX and Telephone System

3CX enhances and effectively facilitates operations in the working space. It promotes cost-effective communication and provides free interoffice phone calls for remote workers. Furthermore, you can also integrate its software with Android and iOS to provide VoIP clients with the best call management from anywhere.

The main advantage of 3CX-pbx lies in its easy setup. 3CX-pbx can easily be installed and configured on virtualized servers, in the cloud, or on-premises. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for technical maintenance, which makes it easy for businesses to manage the system.

3CX Integration with Different Systems

Integrating with browsers becomes easy. With 3CX, you can combine the software with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox and existing customer relationship management applications. WP Live Chat by 3CX is a plugin that can be integrated with WordPress for live chat, WhatsApp, and calls.

You can also integrate 3CX-pbx with Freshdesk to enhance efficiency. 3CX-pbx Freshdesk integration offers ID to Contact Name, Call and Chat Journaling, and Click to Call.

Recommended Requirements to Install 3CX

3CX-pbx installation based on the business setup. 3CX minimum requirements for small businesses are an Intel Core i3 and 30 GB of storage. 3CX-pbx hardware requirements for medium and large businesses require more Intel cores and storage. Furthermore, you can also install 3CX-pbx Linux systems.

3CX Firewall and Router Configuration

To install 3CX on-premise, you need to change your firewall configuration. It will allow 3CX-pbx to communicate successfully with SIP trunks and apps. In addition to that, you also have to know the ports required to install different 3CX products. For example, the 3CX-pbx firewall port required for video conferencing is Port 443.


3CX Call Routing: Advanced Digital Receptionist

3CX-pbx digital receptionists streamline call routing by offering the callers a menu of options to ease the operation and enhance the user experience. The customizable prompts guide all the callers to select relevant choices, like support or sales. There are also configurable settings where language preferences and alternate routes are available.

3CX Failover

3CX failover setup is considered an essential solution for uninterrupted communication. In this solution, you must create a replica of your PBX using an active-passive approach and configuration replication. In the case of system failure, the replica will take over, minimize the downtime, and ensure data continuity. It is available in enterprise (ENT0) and professional (PRO).

3CX Call Center Solution

3CX offers advanced call queue strategies for companies; it is a comprehensive agent dashboard and Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures the agents and managers never miss a customer call. Furthermore, this system allows for efficient monitoring and management of agent status and active calls. Not only that, managers and agents can get a quick overview of performance any time they want by accessing call statistics.

3CX allows the organization’s staff to assist in answering customer calls without incurring excessive costs. 3CX-pbx offers multiple hosting options, such as on-premise and cloud. It also offers administration flexibility, allowing you to configure queues and agent settings easily. Also, you can integrate 3CX-pbx with WhatsApp, Live Chat, and SMS, making it an all-in-one communications system.

Key Takeaways

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is a leading IT services and communication company in Dubai; we are a reliable 3CX distributor and installer. Our exceptional services cater to all types of businesses, like finance, hospitality, and healthcare. Our company ensures competitive pricing and outstanding technical support for resellers and clients. We operate in all the cities of the United Arab Emirates, such as Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah.

The 3CX-PBX telephone system comes with affordable advanced features and integration capabilities, and it stands out as a comprehensive solution for all businesses in Dubai.

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