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Sound system microphones come in various types tailored for different needs. Whether capturing the ambience of a live performance, delivering crisp vocals in a recording studio, or ensuring clear announcements in public address systems, the choice depends on factors like microphone polar patterns, frequency response, sensitivity, and impedance. Finding the best microphone means considering these aspects to match the specific requirements of the venue or recording environment

Types Of Sound System microphones

Sound systems utilize various types of microphones to capture audio in different settings. Dynamic microphones are durable and ideal for live performances, while condenser microphones offer superior sensitivity and clarity for studio recordings. Amid these options lie a variety of microphones, such as:

  • Wireless microphones for freedom of movement
  • Shotgun microphones for focused sound capture
  • Wired microphones for reliability, suitable for karaoke
  • Array microphones for directional sound pickup
  • Boundary microphones for conference rooms
  • Lavaliers and headsets for hands-free operation
  • Paging microphones for public communication

Each type of microphone serves specific needs, catering to a diverse range of audio requirements.d

Top Picks Sound System Microphones

We offer a range of sound system microphones from leading brands such as DSPPA, TOA, BOSE, and PROSOUND for sales and installation services

DSPPA Microphones

DSPPA microphone
CM10 Public Address Paging Microphone
DSPPA microphone (2)
D950 Professional Intercom Microphone
DSPPA microphone (3)
CM62 Condenser Microphone
DSPPA microphone (4)
DSP2020A Wireless Classroom

TOA microphones

TOA microphone
DM-880 Dynamic Microphones
TOA microphone (2)
PM-660 Paging Microphones
TOA microphone (3)
S5.5-HCX-G1 Handheld Condenser
TOA microphone (4)
EM-410 Condenser Microphone

Prosound microphones

prosound microphone
ProSound Professional Vocal Microphone
prosound microphone (2)
ProSound Shotgun Super Cardioid
prosound microphone (3)
Maono USB Gaming Microphone
prosound microphone (4)
CKMOVA UM100 UHF Wireless Microphone

Microphone for PA System

In public broadcasting, the function of the microphone is to capture audio signals and convert them into electrical signals for amplification. They are necessary for sending audio to large meetings.

If you’re not familiar with microphones, finding the best wireless microphone can be difficult. We often use wireless systems for live performances. If you’re familiar with microphones, you’ll find some popular options here.

Wired Microphones VS Wireless Microphones:

Wired Microphones:

Sound Quality: Wired microphones generally provide better sound quality because they are less prone to interference and signal loss. They should not have batteries, which reduces the risk of the microphone dying during operation. Wired microphones are generally cheaper than wireless microphones. The main drawback is that they limit your power when you connect them to an amplifier or PA system.


Wireless Microphones:

Wireless microphones provide greater flexibility and mobility, allowing artists to move from place to place. It is easy to use and install and reduces line clutter. Wireless signals are sometimes interfered with by other electronic devices, affecting sound quality. They require batteries or charging, which means they run the risk of running out of power while working.

If mobility and comfort are important to your performance, a wireless microphone may be a better choice. However, if sound quality, reliability and cost are your primary concerns, a wired microphone may be more suitable. The key is to find the right balance for your unique needs.

Choosing the Right Microphone for Your Needs

TOA PA system Microphone:

D5000 Series

The WM-D5200 Digital wireless mic uses a special kind of mic and works for all sorts of things. It sends signals digitally, so it doesn’t get messed up by other signals. Plus, TOA’s got this cool encryption thing that keeps your stuff private and safe from people listening in. And they’ve got settings to make sure it doesn’t interfere with other areas nearby.


DM-1300 TOA Dynamic Microphones

It is a unidirectional dynamic microphone polar model suitable for speech and voice use. It features a shorting-style slider on/off feature and an XLR-style 3-pin male connector to reduce noise. It features sturdy and durable materials, including a die-cast zinc body with a metallic gray finish. Comes with stand clamp and 10 meter cable.


DSPPA System Microphone:

DSPPA D950 PA system Microphone:

For DSPPA audio systems, you may consider the DSPPA D950 professional intercom microphone system. The system consists of a tablet intercom with gooseneck microphone and monitoring speakers and a window intercom with microphone and speakers. The system can be used in banks, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc. It is designed to provide clear and understandable communication through windows, glass panes or windows in various places.


DSPPA DM30 PA system Microphone:

DSPPA DM30: This is suitable for meetings, conferences, announcements, recording time, etc. It is a supercardioid directional dynamic microphone. It has anti-interference function and can prevent electromagnetic interference and mobile phone interference. It has a switch that reduces noise when turning the microphone on/off. It has a 3-pin XLR jack and comes with a microphone stand and 10m cable.

Lavalier Omnidirectional USB Prosound PA system Microphone with Clip:

This has omnidirectional directivity, perfect for conference calls, interviews, speeches, speeches, etc. It is a condenser microphone suitable for It features a lightweight clip-on attachment for easy hands-free recording. It has a Realtek sound card and noise reduction feature for clear and accurate sound transmission. It has a USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack and comes with a 2-meter cable.

Lavalier Omnidirectional USB Prosound PA system Microphone with Clip

Bose System Microphone:

Bose S1 Pro PA system Microphone:

For a Bose sound system, you may consider the Bose S1 Pro + Wireless PA System and Wireless Mic/Line Transmitter. The system consists of a mobile Bluetooth speaker with built-in battery and a wireless microphone/line transmitter with XLR connector. Designed to deliver high-quality, versatile sound, the system can be used as a PA system, monitor, practice amplifier or music player.

Bose S1 Pro PA system Microphone

Bose Shure SM58 PA system Microphone:

This is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid pattern for use in voice and speech. It features high frequency response and bright midrange for clear and accurate sound. It features a pneumatic shock mount and grille package to reduce operating noise as well as wind and noise. Besides having a solid and durable construction, it also has adjustable dampers that reduce noise when the microphone is on or off. It has a 3-pin XLR connector and comes with a microphone clip and storage bag.

Bose Shure SM58 PA system Microphone

Stay updated with us in the microphone industry:

  • Beamforming microphones: Improve sound pickup and clarity, especially in noisy environments.
  • Integration with smart technologies: Allows for automated volume adjustments, emergency announcements, and potential virtual sound localization.
  • AI-powered audio processing: Optimizes audio quality in real-time based on the environment.
  • Spatial audio: Creates immersive sound experiences within specific zones for presentations, concerts, and education.
  • Wireless microphone charging: Eliminates the need for tangled wires and dead batteries.


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