TOA sound system in Dubai

Are you looking for top-notch sound systems in Dubai? Look no further than TOA. We specialize in providing premium audio solutions tailored for various needs, whether you’re setting up a commercial space, hosting outdoor events, or enhancing public venues. Our TOA commercial audio systems are designed to deliver crystal-clear sound quality, ensuring that every word, note, and sound is heard with utmost clarity. Whether it’s a bustling shopping mall, a serene outdoor park, or a vibrant concert hall, TOA has the perfect audio solution to elevate the auditory experience for your audience.


From TOA outdoor sound systems that withstand the elements to TOA public sound systems that cater to large crowds, our range of products ensures that your audio needs are met with reliability and precision. With our state-of-the-art TOA audio-visual systems, you can seamlessly integrate audio with visual elements for a truly immersive experience. Whether you need a comprehensive TOA PA system for announcements and performances or a sophisticated setup for conferences and presentations, TOA has you covered. Elevate your audio experience with TOA and let your sound be heard loud and clear across Dubai’s dynamic landscape.

TOA complete sound system

Welcome to the world of TOA complete sound systems, where every component works perfectly to deliver an unforgettable audio experience. Our TOA PA system set combines the finest quality TOA speakers, mixers, amplifiers, and microphones, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional sound reproduction for any event or venue. Whether you’re hosting a conference, a concert, or a public gathering, our TOA complete sound system meets your needs with simplicity and reliability. Elevate your sound to new heights with TOA’s renowned expertise in audio technology.

TOA Speakers

Explore TOA’s range of speakers designed for various needs. Whether you need portable speakers for on-the-go use, ceiling speakers for seamless integration into your space, or outdoor speakers for open-air events, TOA has you covered. Our Bluetooth speakers offer convenient wireless connectivity, while our box speakers deliver powerful sound in a compact design.

toa pa

TOA CS304: Projection Speaker

  • Rectangular wide-range speaker for voice paging, background music and tone signalling distribution
  • Constant directivity horn improves directivity characteristics and ensure uniform and clear sound dispersion
  • Wide temperature range: -20 to +55 °C
  • Waterproof plastic enclosures and stainless steel bracket for all-weather durability, IP65

TOA F2322C: Wide Dispersion Speaker

Wide dispersion coverage

Versatile voltage compatibility

Powerful 30W output

Easy installation process

Heat-resistant design

For medium ceiling height (2 to 4 m)

TOA Mixers

A TOA sound mixer sometimes called a TOA commercial audio mixer or TOA PA mixer, is a versatile device designed to blend different audio sources seamlessly. It conducts audio signals in various settings, such as auditoriums, conference rooms, or large events. With a TOA audio-visual mixer system, users can easily adjust volume, tone, and balance for microphones, instruments, and other audio inputs, ensuring a polished and balanced sound output without requiring technical expertise.

M9000 TOA-Modular matrix mixer.

Compact two-rack space.

Multi-zone paging applications.

Dual and single channel amplifiers.

Compass Alliance Partner.

TOA MX 6224D Digital Mixer Amplifier

Affordable Solution

2x240W Digital Amplifier

Simple Operation, Exceptional Sound

Selectable Microphone Reverb

Fixed Equalizer for Speakers


TOA Amplifiers

A TOA outdoor amplifier, like the TOA Amplifier 120 Watt, TOA Amplifier 2240, and TOA Amplifier 240 Watt, is designed to boost sound signals for outdoor environments. These amplifiers help deliver clear and powerful audio across large outdoor spaces, like stadiums or parks, ensuring everyone can hear announcements or music without strain. With their high wattage capabilities, TOA outdoor amplifiers ensure sound reaches every corner, making outdoor events enjoyable.

TOA Microphones

A TOA microphone is a handy tool for amplifying sound without hassle. Whether a TOA wireless microphone or a TOA table microphone, these devices make speaking or performing easier by transmitting your voice wirelessly or capturing it directly from a table. With a simple setup and clear sound, TOA microphones are great for presentations, speeches, or any event where you need your voice to be heard loud and clear.

toa pa

TOA PM 660D Paging Microphone

Paging and announcements

Convenient talk switch

Anti-vibration construction

Remote control switch

Low handling noise

TOA sound system Solutions

TOA sound system solutions are like magic for making your voice heard loud and clear! Whether it’s a school assembly, a big concert, or an important announcement, TOA has covered you with their easy-to-use sound systems. With TOA, everyone can enjoy crystal-clear sound without any hassle.

We are providing the following solutions.

  • TOA sound system for office
  • TOA sound system for school
  • TOA sound system for retail stores
  • TOA sound system for the mosque
  • TOA sound system for restaurants
  • TOA sound system for the auditorium
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