TOA PA System in Dubai

TOA is a leading brand, delivering unparalleled sound experiences across diverse locations. As a brand, they are specialized in providing top-tier equipment for concert halls, airports, colleges, stadiums, etc.

We have all PA system products with many features that assure quality, reliability, and durability in all our products. The TOA PA system delivers products all over the globe, especially in Dubai. Their products cater to the requirements of the UAE business environment. TOA specializes in voice alarms, intercoms, speakers, wireless, pro-sound, conferences, and distribution.

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is a significant solution provider company in the UAE. We operate in all of the cities in the UAE. Our professionals are experienced in installing and maintaining TOA products. Our company’s services include integration, expert installation, and reliable maintenance. We specialize in PA systems, CCTV systems, server solutions, telecommunications, and IT solutions. We provide solutions to every sector of Dubai, UAE, such as health, school, finance, and government.

TOA PA Products

The TOA PA system provides a wide range of products. TOA designs and manufactures the products according to the needs of its customers. All of these products are developed with cutting-edge technology.

TOA Amplifier

The TOA amplifiers have unique features and applications and provide unparalleled audio performance. Throughout Dubai, they are known for their versatility and reliability. Furthermore, these amplifiers have advanced features like signal processing, robust build quality, and fantastic integration capabilities.

TOA MX 6224D Digital Mixer Amplifier

Affordable Solution

2x240W Digital Amplifier

Simple Operation, Exceptional Sound

Selectable Microphone Reverb

Fixed Equalizer for Speakers


TOA Speaker

Many organizations in Dubai use speakers to communicate with their employees to provide instructions, alerts, and announcements. Several users need help with integration and affordability when choosing speakers. Here, the TOA comes with exceptional speakers. The TOA speakers provide excellent audio, boasting superior sound quality and reliability in the UAE. These speakers are accurately designed to deliver crystal-clear audio reproduction across different applications. Enhance your event audio by using the TOA speaker’s innovation and performance.

TOA Speaker Portable

TOA Speaker Portability redefined convenience with wireless functionality and a compact design. TOA’s Portable Speakers’ priority is to provide powerful sound output. The most common features of these speakers are Bluetooth connectivity, a long-lasting battery, and user-friendly controls. TOA portable speakers can be taken anywhere, and you can also integrate them with other devices.

TOA PA Speakers

TOA PA speakers come in different variations and are preferred by many professionals across the industry for their versatile mounting options and reputation for reliability.

TOA Speaker Outdoor

TOA outdoor speakers are manufactured especially for outdoor events and activities. TOA offers various speakers in its outdoor category.

toa pa

TOA CS304: Projection Speaker

  • Rectangular wide-range speaker for voice paging, background music and tone signalling distribution
  • Constant directivity horn improves directivity characteristics and ensure uniform and clear sound dispersion
  • Wide temperature range: -20 to +55 °C
  • Waterproof plastic enclosures and stainless steel bracket for all-weather durability, IP65

TOA Wall Mount Speaker

TOA wall mount speakers are designed to be integrated into any space, with ease of installation and various features and sizes. These speakers are convenient for people with diverse requirements.

TOA F2322C: Wide Dispersion Speaker

Wide dispersion coverage

Versatile voltage compatibility

Powerful 30W output

Easy installation process

Heat-resistant design

For medium ceiling height (2 to 4 m)

TOA Microphones

TOA has designed unmatched microphones by using epitomized state-of-the-art technology. The TOA microphones are known for exceptional noise suppression and audio reproduction, and they are widely used throughout the businesses in UAE. They are the premier choice and are distinguished from rivals by their adaptability, dependability, and cutting-edge attributes. The TOA microphones’ robustness, aesthetics, and contemporary and intuitive functionalities define them.

TOA Wired Microphones

TOA wired microphones offer reliability and exceptional sound quality. They work by getting direct, clear signals without additional expenses like batteries or transmitters. These wired microphones make them perfect for recording, broadcasting, and live performances.

toa pa

TOA PM 660D Paging Microphone

Paging and announcements

Convenient talk switch

Anti-vibration construction

Remote control switch

Low handling noise

TOA Wireless Microphones

The TOA wireless microphones provide redefined audio excellence and unparalleled sound quality for professional applications. The wireless microphones from TOA are quick to install and set up; switch them on, connect them to your mixer, and configure the transmitters. These microphones are used for weddings, sports, and other events.

TOA Mixers

TOA presented various mixers designed to balance and enhance multiple input signals. TOA mixers contain both analog and digital capabilities. The digital mixers offer advanced tone control that is impossible in their counterparts. Both of these technologies ensure efficiency in the operations and unlock the extensive abilities of different users.

M9000 TOA-Modular matrix mixer.

Compact two-rack space.

Multi-zone paging applications.

Dual and single channel amplifiers.

Compass Alliance Partner.


To conclude, all the TOA products for the PA system come with advanced features and can be integrated into each other. Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC provides the most affordable services when installing the TOA PA systems. We offer installation, maintenance, and upgradation to all the sectors in Dubai, UAE. Our dedicated team has completed various projects and received positive feedback from businesses and organizations. So, please don’t wait; let us solve your business problems with intelligent solutions.

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