Yeastar Telephone System in Dubai

Alpha capital security systems LLC  provides a comprehensive solution of telephone system. We are providing the best quality of yeastar telephone system which provides best communication.

Yeastar Telephone System

Yeastar is a leading provider of VoIP telephone systems for small and medium businesses in Dubai. Their systems are reliable, scalable, and feature-rich, making them a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Yeastar telephone systems offer a wide range of features, including voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, and more. They are also easy to use and manage, making them a great choice for businesses that don’t have a lot of IT experience.

Yeastar IP Phone

The Yeastar IP Phone is a key part of Yeastar’s communication solutions, making talking easy and reliable. These phones have clear sound, easy-to-use features, and work seamlessly with Yeastar phone systems. Whether you need a basic or fancy model, Yeastar IP Phones are there for different business needs. They focus on quality and innovation, ensuring businesses have a straightforward and dependable way to connect and collaborate.

Yeastar PBX

The Yeastar PBX is a reliable telephone system with all the features your business needs. Whether you’re a small company or a big one, it helps you connect and communicate smoothly. With things like voicemail to email and smart call routing, Yeastar PBX makes handling calls easy. It’s a dependable Telephone System, offering quality and innovation to improve communication in your organization. Trust Yeastar for a straightforward and effective solution to meet your business needs.

Why Business Need Yeastar Telephone System

The Yeastar Telephone System is a valuable tool for businesses because it has advanced communication features that can help streamline both internal and external communication. This can lead to better customer interactions and support scalability. The system is user-friendly and allows for easy call management, voicemail, and conferencing. Yeastar is cost-effective and reliable, making it a great choice for modern businesses with diverse communication needs. By using yeast, businesses can improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Yeastar s50

1. Unified Communications
2. Advanced Auto Attendant
3. Voicemail to Email
4. Mobile Extension
5. Call Recording
6. Built-in Conference Bridge
7. LDAP Integration
8. Call Routing
9. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
10. Call Detail Records (CDR)
11. Multi-language Support
12. Call Waiting and Transfer
13. Remote Management
14. Security Features
15. Auto Provisioning

IP Telephone System Solutions For Business

IP telephone systems are a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to communicate. They use the Internet Protocol for voice and video transmission, which allows for virtual meetings, remote work support, and scalability. These systems improve collaboration, streamline operations, and offer flexible connectivity options, making them essential for modern business communication.

Yeastar S20 S-Series VoIP PBX

Supports up to 20 users 2 FXS ports and 1 BRI port Built-in SIP trunking Supports VoIP calling, voicemail, call forwarding, and call recording IVR and call center features Secure and reliable Easy to use and manage

1. Scalable Capacity: The Yeastar S20 S-Series VoIP PBX is designed to scale with your business needs, accommodating up to 20 users and 10 concurrent calls.

2. Flexible Connectivity: With support for a variety of telephony interfaces, including FXS, FXO, and GSM, the S20 offers flexibility in connecting to different networks and devices.

3. Rich Telephony Features: Benefit from a comprehensive set of telephony features, including voicemail, call recording, call routing, and conferencing, providing a robust communication experience.

4. User-Friendly Web Interface: The intuitive web interface ensures easy management and configuration, allowing users to control and customize their PBX settings effortlessly.

5. Built-in Security Measures: Yeastar S20 includes security features such as firewalls, TLS, and SRTP encryption to safeguard your communications and protect against potential threats.

6. Remote Management: Enable remote management and monitoring of the PBX through the user-friendly web interface, facilitating convenient administration from anywhere.

7. Cost-Effective Solution: As a cost-effective VoIP PBX solution, the Yeastar S20 delivers high-quality communication without compromising your budget, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

8. Enhanced Collaboration: Support for features like call conferencing and auto-attendant promotes efficient collaboration and ensures that communication within the organization is streamlined.

9. Integration Capabilities: The S20 seamlessly integrates with various SIP-based devices and services, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of VoIP products.

10. Reliability and Redundancy: With built-in failover and backup capabilities, the Yeastar S20 ensures reliable operation and minimizes downtime, contributing to a dependable communication infrastructure.


Yeastar P550

1. HD Audio Quality
2. Color Display
3. Programmable Keys
4. Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
5. Headset Support
6. Built-in Gigabit Ethernet
7. PoE (Power over Ethernet) Support
8. Intuitive User Interface
9. Wide Compatibility
10. Security Features

Call Center Solutions

Our call center solutions are designed to provide efficient and customer-focused services for your business. We offer advanced features such as intelligent call routing, real-time monitoring, and performance analytics to optimize agent productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. Yeastar telephone system solutions support both inbound and outbound campaigns and include features like IVR, CRM integration, and call recording. By improving communication and streamlining operations, we help you create exceptional customer experiences.

Yeastar Telephone System Dubai

CRM Integration Solutions

Integrating customer relationship management (CRM) systems with other tools is important for businesses. It helps them communicate better, share data more easily, and understand their customers better. By syncing contacts, interactions, and sales data, businesses can provide personalized experiences, automate tasks, and make informed decisions. This integration improves customer relationships, productivity, and targeted marketing and sales efforts. Overall, CRM integration solutions are essential for businesses to improve their workflow efficiency and achieve better results.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Alpha Capital Security Systems llc, offers comprehensive, high-quality virtual meetings, webinars, and remote collaboration tools. Our platform ensures crystal-clear audio and video, screen sharing, and interactive features, enabling seamless interactions. With easy-to-use interfaces and cross-device compatibility, our solutions facilitate effective communication and collaboration regardless of geographical boundaries.

Solution For Hotel Phone System

Improve your hotel’s communication with a Yeastar telephone system solution. Our solution offers features like room service extensions, wake-up calls, and concierge services to help you provide excellent guest experiences. It also provides staff communication tools to streamline internal operations. Our solution integrates with property management systems, making it easy to access guest information. With our customizable and user-friendly hotel communication solution, you can enhance guest satisfaction and staff efficiency.


Who is the supplier of yeastar in UAE?

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is an authorized partner of Yeastar in Dubai, UAE.

What is the advantage of PBX?

Cloud-based PBX has several advantages:
Cost-Effective: You only pay for what you need.
No Expensive Hardware: No costly installations.
Increased Security: Offers enhanced security features.
Low Maintenance: Virtually maintenance-free.
Reliability: Depends on internet speed, but generally more reliable.
Greater Reach: Accessible from a broader geographic area.

What is PBX vs VoIP?

In our industry, people often use “PBX” and “VoIP” interchangeably, but they mean slightly different things. A PBX is like a traditional phone system that stays in one place and isn’t connected to the internet. On the other hand, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a type of phone system where your voice turns into data and travels over the internet. So, PBX is more about having a physical system, while VoIP is all about using the internet for calls.

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