Hikvision Access Control System in Dubai

Hikvision is known for providing a complete set of security solutions all around the UAE. Today, we are going to discuss the access control systems from Hikvision.

Hikvision has designed and developed the most secure and advanced access control systems that can seamlessly manage both physical and virtual entry points with advanced authentication.

Our systems play’s crucial role in securing sensitive areas, they ensure that only authorized individuals can access at a specific time. Throughout Dubai, they offers a wide range of configurations that meet diverse budgets and security needs. So, let’s discuss about benefits and products that the Hikvision access control system in Dubai is offering.

Benefits of Hikvision Access Control Systems

Hikvision Access Control Systems in UAE offers a lot of key advantages that meet the diverse requirements of organizations, businesses, and homeowners.

Keyless Access

Hikvision used advanced technology to eliminate the need for traditional keys and prevent issues like lost keys and unauthorized duplication.

Cost-Effective Solution

The access control systems from Hikvision are affordable enabling small businesses to purchase.

Integrated Efficiency

These systems can seamlessly integrate with other systems such as lighting and temperature control. You can also integrate CCTV and access control systems, to enhance security.

Comprehensive Tracking

The hikvision access control system provides detailed information on the entry and exit of the employees and aids in attendance tracking. You are also getting fire safety management and on-site staff monitoring.

Data Protection with Hikvision

Hikvision Access Control systems in Dubai provide security and safety to sensitive data by stopping unauthorized access to IT rooms and specific computers on the network

Ensuring Safety with Hikvision

This access control system ensures everything on the premises where installed is safe during emergencies. One of the features that these devices have is fail-safe locks that enable quick exits during outages and emergencies.

Hikvision Access Control System Innovations

Let’s deep dive into the components of the hikvision access control system and see their best products.

Face Recognition Terminals

Now accessing secure areas becomes key, pin codes, cards, and fingerprints less and entered into a new more advanced era. Hikvision is providing biometric recognition like iris and face recognition to change the way to access secure areas in cities like Dubai, UAE. Face and iris recognition are gaining traction for higher security and convenience.

Pro Face Access Terminal (DS-K1TA70MI-T)

  • Detection of face masks
  • Recognition range: 0.3 to 1.8 meters

Pro Series Face Recognition Terminals (DS-K1T642MW)

  • Alert for face mask usage
  • Bidirectional audio communication between an indoor station and the main station

Hikvision Access Control Fingerprint Terminals

Hikvision Access Control Fingerprint Terminals

Hikvision Fingerprint Terminals combine the new algorithms while allowing multiple verification methods, including card, fingerprint, and PIN code. They offer a wide range of product portfolio that effectively meets the requirements of indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Access Control Terminal (DS-K1T805MBFWX)

  • Mobile App (Hik-Connect) support for operation
  • AP configuration is supported, and configuration can be done via PC web or mobile web.
  • Multiple authentication types are supported, including card, fingerprint, PIN, and Bluetooth.

K1A8503 Value Series Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal (DS-K1A8503MF-B)

  • Automatically generates reports
  • Offers support for a variety of languages

Hikvision Access Control Card Terminals

Our company offers non-biometric access control devices, and card terminals to those who don’t wish to use biometric systems. These card terminals are well-designed and offer card swiping and PIN code services.

Access Control Terminal (DS-K1T805MX)

  • Enables operation through a mobile app (Hik-Connect)
  •  Supports configuration via both PC web and mobile web platforms.
  • Supports multiple authentication types: card, PIN

Access Control Terminal (DS-K1T502DBWX-C)

  • Supports AP mode
  • Offers multiple authentication methods
  • Supports up to 256 GB SD card memory

Hikvision Access Control Readers

Hikvision readers offer multiple authentication methods, including EM / M1 / Desfire / Felica cards, PIN codes, QR codes, Bluetooth, and more. These readers can easily integrate with other access control system devices.

Fingerprint Reader (DS-K1201AMF)

  • Built-in buzzer for status indication
  • Tamper-proof function

Value 1801 Card Reader (DS-K1801)

  • Built-in audible beeper
  • Wiegand interface
  • IP65

Hikvision Access Controllers

The access controllers from Hikvision are easily configured and operated with web management or a unified platform management system. You can also integrate them with other devices like card readers and locks to satisfy any individual requirements.

Pro Series Access Controller (DS-K2604-G)

  • 100,000 cards and 300,000 events storage
  • Alarm input/output and alarm event upload
  • 4 doors access control

Ultral Series Structured Access Sub-Controller (DS-K27M)

  • 20,000 cards and 60,000 events storage
  • Alarm input/output and alarm event upload
  • RS-485, Wiegand interface, and TCP/IP for communication

Payment Terminal

Hikvision presents payment terminals that come with easy-to-pay options using either a face or a card. You can install and use these payment terminals anywhere in Dubai. Whether your business is small or at enterprise level, these terminals are fit to go.

Payment Terminal (DS-K6301X-DT)

  • Payment options: Face (supports face with mask) or card
  • Payment modes: Unfixed amounts, fixed amounts, and fixed times
  • Bluetooth speaker connectivity for amplified sound
  • Online payment support


To efficiently manage the visitors, Hikvision offers smart visitor management systems that are convenient to use.

Pro Series Visitor Terminal (DS-K5032-D)

  • Android operating system with dual-screen design
  • Paperless visitor enrollment
  • Wi-Fi available for networking applications
  • The device can store up to 150,000 visitor records

Electrical Locks

The electrical locks from hikvision come with fantastic insulation and supports various types of doors. These are essential parts of the Hikvision access control system and are widely used in the states of UAE such as Sharjah.

Electric Strike Lock (DS-K4G100)

  • Fail-secure and fail-safe selectable
  • Magnetic lock supports a static linear thrust of 800 kg
  • Strong suction to protect the door from forced opening when locked
  • Double insulation

Why Choose Us

Alpha Capital Security System LLC is an expert in handling all kinds of security solutions. We operate in every city in UAE like Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Umm Al. Our services include installing CCTVs, Firewalls, Access Control Systems, and much more. 

When it comes to the Hikvision Access Control System, our expert team of professionals can install all the components of the access control system. We can also integrate the Hikvision Access Control System with other security systems.

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