Hikvision Access Control System

Hikvision access control systems can be used to control access to doors, gates, and other entry points. These access control systems can be used with a variety of credential readers, such as key cards, fobs, and biometric readers.

Hikvision Access Control System Dubai, UAE

Hikvision access control system is among the most popular access control systems all around the UAE. Hikvision has designed and developed some of the most secure and advanced access control systems that can seamlessly manage both physical and virtual entry points with advanced authentication.  In a business hub like Dubai, a reliable surveillance and  access control system is very important.

Keeping your security solution needs in mind, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is offering Hikvision access control systems in Dubai. Our company also provides installation and maintenance service for your security solutions throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Benefits of Hikvision Access Control System

Hikvision Access Control Systems in UAE offers a lot of key advantages that meet the diverse requirements of organisations, businesses, and homeowners. This makes the Hikvision access control system a good choice to be used in cities like Dubai. Following are some advanced features offered by Hikvision access control system:

Keyless Access:

Hikvision uses advanced technology to eliminate the need for traditional keys and prevent issues like lost keys and unauthorised duplication. One of these keyless technologies include biometric readers that scans fingerprints or faces to grant access to authorised people.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Cost of a security solution matters a lot, especially to people with a limited budget. However,  the Hikvision access control system is affordable, which means that even small businesses can purchase and use them effectively without having a bigger investment.

Integrated Efficiency:

The Hikvision access control system can seamlessly integrate with other systems such as lighting and temperature control. Furthermore, you can also integrate CCTV cameras with access control systems, greatly enhancing overall security of your premises.

Hikvision Time Attendance System in Dubai

The hikvision access control system provides detailed information about the entry and exit of the employees and aids in attendance tracking. This not only secures your premise, but also keeps track of people who enter or leave your place. Furthermore, the time is also recorded alongside the identity of a person.

Hikvision Time Attendance System

Hikvision Access Control System Products

At Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC, you’ll find some of the most reliable and high-quality products for Hikvision access control systems in Dubai. We are also providing our customers with installation and maintenance services for their security solutions.

Hikvision Face Recognition Terminals

Hikvision face recognition terminals use facial features to identify authorised individuals. This is a modern technology that is often used in access control systems. You can contact us in order to buy, install, and maintain face recognition terminals in the UAE.

Pro Face Access Terminal (DS-K1TA70MI-T)

  • Detection of face masks
  • Recognition range: 0.3 to 1.8 meters
  • Alert for face mask usage
  • Displays temperature measurement results
  • 6000 face capacity, 6000 card capacity, and 100,000 event capacity
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Hikvision Access Control System (DS-K1TA70MI-T)

Hikvision Fingerprint Terminals

Fingerprint Terminals by Hikvision combine the new algorithms while allowing multiple verification methods, including fingerprint, card, and PIN code. Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is providing a broad range of Hikvision fingerprint terminals.

Hikvision Access Control Terminal (DS-K1T805MBFWX)

Hikvision Access Control Terminal (DS-K1T805MBFWX)

  • Mobile App (Hik-Connect) support for operation
  • Multiple authentication types are supported, including card, fingerprint, PIN, and Bluetooth.
  • 3,000 fingerprints, 10,000 cards and 100,000 events storage
  • Built-in card reader for M1 card
Hikvission access control system

Hikvission access control system DS-K1T201AEF

  • Pro Series Fingerprint Terminal
  • Fingerprint Access Control Terminal
  • 2.8-inch LCD display screen
  • 5000 fingerprints, 100,000 cards(EM card), 300,000 events storage
  • Communication via TCP/TP and Wi-Fi
  • RS-485 and Wiegand interface
  • ISUP5.0, ISAPI

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Hivkvision Card Reader Terminals

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC offers non-biometric access control devices, and card terminals to those who don’t want to use biometric systems. These card terminals are well-designed and offer card swiping and PIN code services. Hikvision readers offer multiple authentication methods, including EM / M1 / Desfire / Felica cards, PIN codes, QR codes, and more. These readers can easily integrate with Hikvision access control system devices. We have a broad range of card readers and fingerprint readers available for our customers.

Value 1801 Card Reader (DS-K1801)

Hikvision Card Reader (DS-K1801)

  • Mifare1/ EM card reader
  • PC+ABS material shell
  • Built-in audible beeper
  • Wiegand interface
  • IP65
Card Reader

Hikvision Card Reader DS-K1109DKFB

  • Supports reading Desfire card, Felica card and Mifare card
  • Supports bluetooth module
  • Tamper-proof function

Hikvision Visitor Management System

Hikvision VMS is a scalable system that can be used in a variety of settings, from small businesses to large enterprises. It is also compatible with a wide range of access control systems and other security products. It consists of a number of hardware and software components that work together to automate and streamline the visitor registration process. If you are considering implementing a visitor management system, the Hikvision VMS is a good option to consider. for more information contact us now.

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Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is a UAE-based company and our team is expert in handling all kinds of security solutions. We operate in every city in UAE like Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. When it comes to the Hikvision Access Control System, our expert team of professionals can install all the components of the access control system.

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