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Gate barriers play a crucial role in modern security systems, providing a physical barrier to control access to various premises. These barriers come in different types and configurations, each serving specific purposes depending on the application.

Why Gate Barrier are used?

Gate barriers, also known as boom gates or traffic barriers, are physical barriers installed at entry and exit points to regulate the flow of vehicles. Gate Barrier Systems are used for security, preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. Gate barriers can be found in various settings, including parking lots, toll booths, industrial estates, and residential complexes.

Types of Gate Barriers Commonly used in Dubai

Boom Gate Barriers

Boom Gate Barriers

Sliding Gate Barriers

Sliding Gate Barriers

Flap Gate Barriers

Flap Gate Barriers

Turnstile Gates

Turnstile Gates

Gate Barrier installation in Dubai, UAE

Secure your Dubai property with the best in access control, we specialize in professional gate barrier installation throughout the UAE. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, like Swing barriers, Boom barriers, Turnstiles, Rising bollards, High-security gates, Vehicle barriers, parking barriers, etc. feel free and contact us now!


Best selling Gate Barrier products in UAE

Automatic Gate Barrier B614 - Dubai

Automatic Gate Barrier B614 - Dubai

CAME Gate Barrier G4000 - Dubai

CAME Gate Barrier G4000 - Dubai

Gate Barrier System G6000 - Dubai

Gate Barrier System G6000 - Dubai

220V Automatic Gate Barrier - Dubai

220V Automatic Gate Barrier - Dubai

BFT GIOTTO Gate Barrier System

BFT GIOTTO Gate Barrier System

BFT MAXIMA ULTRA Gate Barrier - Dubai

BFT MAXIMA ULTRA Gate Barrier - Dubai

Gate Barrier CAME-Gard4 - Dubai

Gate Barrier CAME-Gard4 - Dubai

Gate Barrier System FAAC B614

Gate Barrier System FAAC B614

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Applications of Gate Barriers

Gate barriers have a wide range of applications, from controlling traffic and access to improving safety and security. Here are some of the most common uses:

Parking Lots

Gate barriers are widely used in parking lots to manage access and collect fees. These can be equipped with ticket dispensers, license plate readers, and payment systems for automated entry and exit.


Gate barriers at airports are physical barriers placed at various points to control vehicle access within the airport premises. They are typically automated and managed by airport staff or systems.

Gated Communities

Gated communities often use barriers at entry points to restrict access to residents and authorized visitors. These can be integrated with security systems for enhanced control.

Traffic control

Gate barriers are used for temporary or permanent traffic diversion, lane closures, and construction zones. These barriers help manage traffic flow and improve safety.

Toll booths

Toll roads and bridges utilize barriers to collect tolls from vehicles. These barriers can be automated with electronic toll collection systems for fast and efficient transactions. These barriers ensure that only vehicles that have paid the toll can proceed, helping to manage traffic flow.

Residential and Commercial buildings

Gate barriers in residential and commercial buildings are physical structures installed at entry points to regulate vehicle access. These barriers enhance security by allowing authorized vehicles entry while restricting unauthorized ones

Benefits of using Gate Barriers

  • Heightened Security: Gate barriers bolster security measures by controlling access to designated areas, thwarting unauthorized entry, and fortifying overall premises security.

  • Smooth Traffic Flow: By effectively managing the movement of vehicles, gate barriers facilitate seamless traffic flow within premises, curbing congestion and optimizing operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Revenue Management: Gate barriers streamline toll collection processes, ensuring accurate fee collection and meticulous revenue management for toll roads and other revenue-generating facilities.

  • Integration with Access Control Systems: Gate barriers seamlessly integrate with access control systems, enabling synchronized management of entry points and bolstering security protocols.

  • Improved Safety: Gate barriers contribute to heightened safety standards by preventing unauthorized access to hazardous areas, thereby minimizing risks to individuals and property.

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Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC offers a free consultant service to help you identify and address your security concerns. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and protect what matters most.

Parking Gate barriers in Dubai

Parking gate barriers, or boom gates or barrier arms, are essential for managing access and security in parking facilities. Parking barriers come in various types and offer numerous benefits, making them a go-to solution for parking lot owners and operators. We provide you with all types of parking barriers in Dubai, such as straight boom barriers, auto barrier gates, folding arm barriers, etc.

Straight Arm Barrier

Best Gate Barrier Brands in Dubai, UAE

We provide all types of popular gate barriers from these leading brands to meet your security and access control needs in the UAE.




Magnetic Autocontrol


Top Gate Barrier supplier in Dubai, UAE

As a leading security solutions provider in Dubai, UAE, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC understands the importance of robust and reliable gate barriers for access control and security. We deal with brands like CAME, BFT, and NICE, ensuring the highest quality, durability, and performance. We are a leading supplier of Automatic swing gates, Sliding gates, Retractable arm barriers, and Boom gates. Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining barriers.

Available in Every Location Across the UAE

We provide all types of popular gate barriers from these leading brands to meet your security and access control needs in the UAE.

Gate Barrier in Dubai

Gate Barrier in Abu Dhabi

Gate Barrier in Sharjah

Gate Barrier in Ajman

Gate Barrier in Fujairah

Gate Barrier in Ras Al Khaimah

Gate Barrier in Umm Al Quwain

Gate Barrier in Al Barsha

Gate Barrier in Dubai Marina

Gate Barrier in Emirates Hills

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Khalid Hassan
Khalid Hassan@KhalidHassan
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"Great experience working with Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC for gate barriers installation. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and completed the job with precision. Very satisfied!"
Muhammad Zayed
Muhammad Zayed@MuhammadZayed
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"Excellent service! The gate barriers provided by this company are top-notch, and their installation team was professional and efficient. Highly recommend!"
عمر محمود
عمر محمود@عمر محمود
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"Exceptional customer service! The team guided us through the selection process and provided expert advice on the best gate barriers for our needs. The installation was carried out with precision, and we're delighted with the results."
Zaid Al-Qasimi
Zaid Al-Qasimi@Zaid Al-Qasimi
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"Outstanding workmanship! The gate barriers provided by this company are of excellent quality, and the installation process was seamless."


What is a gate barrier system?

A gate barrier system is a security mechanism used to control access to a specific area by using physical barriers such as boom barriers, gates, or turnstiles. It typically includes hardware components like barriers, sensors, and access control systems, as well as software for managing access permissions and logging entry/exit data.

What is the cost of a Boom Barrier in UAE?

The cost of a Boom Gate Barrier in the UAE starts from 2000 AED to 15000 AED. It can vary depending on factors such as brand, model, size, features, and installation requirements. Generally, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dirhams, with higher-end models or specialized features commanding higher prices.

What is a boom barrier gate?

A boom barrier gate, commonly known as a boom gate or simply a barrier gate, is a horizontal bar or arm that blocks or restricts vehicular access to a specific area. It is typically installed at entry and exit points of parking lots, toll booths, residential communities, and industrial facilities.

What are the different types of gate barriers?

There are several types of gate barriers, including:

  • Boom barriers
  • Swing gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Bollards

Where to Buy Gate Barriers in Dubai, UAE?

There are many gate suppliers in Dubai, UAE. But our company Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is the top supplier of Gate Barriers in UAE. We provide gate Barrier Systems with the best prices and high-quality products. We also provide installation, maintenance, and reliable customer support.

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