Prosound sound system in Dubai

In Dubai, Prosound Sound Systems brings high-quality audio experiences to public spaces, events, and commercial venues. Whether it’s an outdoor concert, a bustling marketplace, or a premium shopping mall, Prosound’s commercial audio systems deliver crisp, clear sound that serves audiences and enhances the overall atmosphere. With Prosound’s expertise in audio-visual systems, they seamlessly integrate their technology to create immersive environments. Prosound ensures every listener enjoys a premium sound experience, from large-scale PA systems to tailored solutions for smaller venues.


Prosound’s public sound systems have become synonymous with excellence in Dubai’s vibrant landscape. They provide reliable audio solutions for a diverse range of applications. Whether amplifying announcements in busy transportation hubs or setting the mood with background music in parks and recreational areas, Prosound’s outdoor sound systems ensure that every message is heard loud and clear. With their commitment to innovation and quality, Prosound continues to set the standard for audio excellence in Dubai, enriching the auditory experience for residents and visitors alike.

Prosound complete sound system

Prosound’s complete sound system combines all the essential components for an outstanding audio experience. With Prosound speakers delivering crystal-clear sound, a Prosound mixer for adjusting levels and effects, and a powerful Prosound amplifier to drive it all, every sound is brought to life with clarity and precision. Whether you’re hosting a concert, a conference, or a karaoke night, Prosound’s PA system set ensures your voice is heard loud and clear. With Prosound’s commitment to quality and innovation, their complete sound system is the go-to choice for anyone seeking top-notch audio performance.

ProSound Amplifiers

Prosound amplifiers make sounds louder and clearer, perfect for parties, presentations, or concerts. They’re like magic for your speakers, ensuring every note is crisp, and every word is heard.

Prosound Mixers

The Prosound mixer is a handy tool for blending different sounds. It’s like a control panel for music and voices, letting you adjust volume levels and tweak the sound to get it right. Whether you’re a DJ spinning tracks at a party or a band performing live on stage, the Prosound mixer ensures that every instrument and voice can be heard clearly. Easy to use and reliable, it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to ensure their perfect sound.

ProSound AT-1480BT Mixer Amplifiers

Bass / Treble tone controls

LED level meter

Short circuit protection

Mute control

Prosound pa
Prosound pa

Prosound MX-1202USB 12CH Mixer Karaoke Amplifier

12 channels of mixing

Built-in USB connectivity

3-band EQ control

Durable metal housing

Digital LED display

Prosound speakers

Prosound offers a range of speakers perfect for any occasion. From Bluetooth speakers for easy wireless streaming to ceiling speakers ideal for discreet installations, Prosound has you covered. Their outdoor speakers are built to withstand the elements while delivering crystal-clear sound, perfect for backyard gatherings or poolside parties. Need music on the go? Prosound’s portable speakers are lightweight and compact, making them the ideal companion for picnics, camping trips, or spontaneous dance parties wherever you go. With Prosound speakers, you can enjoy excellent sound quality wherever life takes you.

Prosound Ceiling Speaker System CSL606

Flush-mount design

Easy installation process

Directional sound dispersion

Sleek, low-profile appearance

Prosound pa Ceiling-Speaker-CSL606

Prosound microphones

Prosound offers a variety of microphones, including table microphones and wireless options, perfect for different needs and occasions. Whether speaking at a conference or performing on stage, Prosound microphones ensure your voice is heard loud and clear. Their reliable wireless technology lets you move freely without being tethered by cables, making presentations or performances more dynamic and engaging.

ProSound Digital Wireless Microphone UHF-300(H-T)

Dual-channel wireless microphone

300-foot operating range

Noise-canceling technology included

Ergonomic handle for comfort

Built-in LCD display

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