ProSound PA System in Dubai

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is a trusted distributor and solution provider of ProSound products. Our company guarantees seamless installation, maintenance, and upgradation of audio solutions all over Dubai, UAE. Our professionals are trained in the building of ProSound products.

ProSound PA System

ProSound is known for its PA systems throughout Dubai, UAE. ProSound’s primary focus is to redefine audio excellence with quality and innovation. ProSound PA system products are widely used in various sectors in Dubai. From amplifiers to speakers, they offer a variety of products to businesses and organizations in the United Arab Emirates. Their systems and products are used in the entertainment, conference, and educational industries for special events and daily activities.

Why Choose ProSound PA System?

Choosing ProSound PA products ensures reliability with robust design and a myriad of features. ProSound PA is at the forefront of innovation, making a change in the industry with the integration of advanced features. Whether you want an audio mixer, subwoofer speakers, or bass amplifier, ProSound has got you covered.

ProSound Amplifier

ProSound provides high-power amplifiers that come with crystal clear audio, scalability, portability, and reliability options. The ProSound amplifiers are vital for live sound events and performance; they enhance signals from your mixer to power loudspeakers. In Dubai, ProSound PA also offers various amplifier components that you can choose based on your requirements. The most common features of ProSound Amplifiers are safety circuits and signal limiters that protect speakers from distortion. Now, increase the performance of your event by installing the top ProSound PA amplifiers.

ProSound AT-1480BT Mixer Amplifiers

Bass / Treble tone controls

LED level meter

Short circuit protection

Mute control

Prosound pa
Prosound pa

Prosound MX-1202USB 12CH Mixer Karaoke Amplifier

12 channels of mixing

Built-in USB connectivity

3-band EQ control

Durable metal housing

Digital LED display

ProSound Speaker

Speakers are essential to any event or business communicating with their audience or employees. ProSound speakers have changed the map of the industry by offering advanced technology. The speakers from ProSound PA come with a compact design and efficient performance. ProSound PA offers both wired and wireless speakers. Whether you want portability or scalability, they have got you covered. ProSound PA offers broadcast speakers, ceiling speakers, megaphones, tower speakers, monitor speakers, and much more. In Dubai, UAE, many sectors use ProSound PA speakers, like healthcare, education, government, and festivals.

Prosound Ceiling Speaker System CSL606

Flush-mount design

Easy installation process

Directional sound dispersion

Sleek, low-profile appearance

Prosound pa Ceiling-Speaker-CSL606

ProSound Mixers

ProSound PA provides exceptional mixers that act as a central control hub for the PA system. All across Dubai and other cities of UAE, their mixers are used from studios to live venues. It blends signals from sources like instruments and microphones, to create a clear and balanced mix.  They come in different sizes, the smaller models are used for studios while the larger ones are used in concert halls.

ProSound Microphones

The microphones from ProSound PA come with a variety of features and types. The most common type of microphones they offer are wired and wireless. ProSound microphones offer user-friendly features like clear audio capture and adjustable sensitivity.

ProSound Digital Wireless Microphone UHF-300(H-T)

Dual-channel wireless microphone

300-foot operating range

Noise-canceling technology included

Ergonomic handle for comfort

Built-in LCD display


To conclude, ProSound products are designed based on the users’ requirements. Furthermore, they offer products at affordable prices, making it easy for small businesses.

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC provides various options for installing ProSound security cameras. We are operating in all the cities of the United Arab Emirates, including Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Dubai. We offer many services regarding ProSound products, including installation, maintenance, and system integration.

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