Hikvision Surveillance Dubai

Hikvision cameras is a leading CCTV brand in Dubai UAE. Whether it’s an organization, business, or home, everyone needs strong and reliable security surveillance these days. 

Why Choose Hikvision Cameras as Surveillance Solution

Hikvision cameras are developed to cater to all the sectors such as government, residential areas, finance, education, and healthcare. The best Hikvision cameras offer a diverse range of products from IP cameras, HD analog cameras, PTZ cameras, DVRs, NVRs, storage, and data centers. There are a plethora of benefits of using Hikvision cameras such as simple installation, lenses, high resolution, analytics, weatherproofing, and user friendly.

Hikvision IP Cameras Solutions

Hikvision is a top brand when it comes to producing high-quality IP cameras. These Hikvision cameras are known for their image quality, high resolution, and ease of installation. In Dubai, our team of experts understand the specific requirements of the user and design and plan accordingly. Alpha Capital Security Systems has successfully installed a plethora of Hikvision cameras all over Dubai and in other cities of the UAE.

IP Camera Series

PanoVu Series from Hikvision transformed the surveillance system for a broad area by providing wide coverage with just a single camera. Various models are available in panoramic series like 180-degree or 360-degree panorama come with multidirectional views and detailed zoom with an integrated PTZ lens.

Pro Series IP Camera

Pro Series IP Camera

The Pro Series from Hikvision camera comes with two type of technologies AcuSense and ColorVu, each of them are revolutionizing IP CCTV cameras for businesses in Dubai, UAE. AcuSense uses deep-learning algorithms that enable real-time detection, providing instant alerts on mobile for swift response. Furthermore, this advanced technology of Hikvision IP cameras enhances operational efficiency by labeling footage with people and vehicle makers, accelerating video searches, and reducing manual efforts.

DeepinView IP Camera Series

DeepinView CCTV IP cameras took the business’s surveillance to the top-tier level by providing high image quality and versatile video analytics. It uses either AI functions or a customizable algorithm to meet specific business needs. These Hikvison IP Cameras come with automated detection, categorization, and analysis. Additionally, installing and operating are easy and user-friendly.

Hikvision 4MP IP Camera Outdoor (iDS-2CD7146G0/H-IZ(H)S(Y)

  • 4 MP high-quality imaging.
  • Tough and durable: water and dust-resistant (IP67), vandal-proof (IK10).
  • Outstanding low-light performance with DarkFighter technology

Ultra IP Camera Series

Hikvision offers ultra-series network cameras that offer exceptional security performance using robust hardware and advanced features. They have DarkFighter technology that provides professional-quality color imaging in low light and sharp HD images in total darkness. In addition to that, the ultra series offers features like people counting and perimeter protection that will meet different business and environmental needs.

Hikvision ANPR Camera (iDS-2CD7547G0/P-XZHS(Y)

  • Sharp 4 MP resolution for high-quality images
  • Great low-light performance with DarkfighterS technology
  • 5 streams for diverse applications
  • Unique PTRZ capability for easy installation

Hikvision NVRs

A network video recorder (NVR) is a device that is used with IP cameras and it allows the user to view and store the footage. Hikvision provides NVRs with artificial intelligence capabilities and high-precision algorithms that connect data streams. Furthermore, it uses network management software for recording and video management. Hikvision NVRs are designed to be efficient and known for optimal performance in IP security systems.

128-ch 4U 4K Super NVR

  • Connects up to 128 IP cameras for comprehensive surveillance.
  • High bandwidth ensures smooth camera connectivity.
  • Enhanced stability with redundant power supply.

Hikvision DVR

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR)  is mainly used with an analog security system for better recording and storing of the data.  As for Hikvision cameras, they have manufactured the best DVRs that provide advanced features like video analytics and remote access over networks. It makes them a great deal for analog surveillance. Hikvision cameras offer DVRs in diverse ranges such as Ultra Series, Value Series, e-DVR series, Special Series, and Pro Series with AcuSense.

How to access Hikvision DVR from mobile?

To access your Hikvision DVR from a mobile device

  • Download and install the Hik-Connect app from your device’s app store.
  • Open the app and create an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Tap the “+” icon to add your DVR using the device’s serial number or QR code.
  • Configure the DVR settings, including username and password.
  • Once added, tap the device to view live video feeds remotely on your mobile device.

Hikvision Video Intercom

Hikvision presents a video intercom that is user-friendly and comes with a lot of options that make them high-performance products. The Hikvision intercom comes with a variety of solutions to meet every customer’s requirements. Whether it’s an office, apartment, healthcare, or educational facility, these devices are developed for you. There are various options available in Hikvision intercoms such as 

  • Hikvision Intercom IP
  • Hikvision 2-Wire video intercom
  • Hikvision 4-Wire video intercom

Hikvison Analog Cameras

The analog cameras from Hikvison deliver excellent results in different conditions making them an ideal investment. These cameras are affordable comes deliver high performance in diverse environments. Analog Hikvision cameras come equipped with night vision and smart IR technology that even excels in low-light conditions, providing clear video and image quality. Hikvision analog camera meets new and small business requirements, offering them advanced and affordable options

Hikvison Analog Cameras

Turbo HD Analog Cameras with ColorVu

Hikvision introduced an amazing series of analog cameras that they offer ColorVu brings advanced features with better night vision. These analog cameras come with adjustable lighting modes and aperture that ensures high-quality color even in low-lighting conditions. It combines both ColorVu and AcuSense technology to allow the cameras to capture human and vehicle targets with vivid color. Furthermore, these devices can connect to Hikvision’s back-end products and provide advanced features.

Hikvision PTZ Cameras (IP and Analog)

Hikvision Cameras designed and developed a comprehensive range of Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras in both IP and analog versions. A single PTZ IP camera from hikvision can replace many conventional security systems. These PTZ cameras have the capability of covering 360° both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, Hikvision PTZ cameras have the feature of auto-tracking the predefined objects and enhancing monitoring. In Hikvision IP PTZ cameras, you are getting five series each design to cater to and meet the different organization’s requirements.

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