Sangoma Telephone System in Dubai

Upgrade your communication experience with the Sangoma Telephone System in Dubai. Elevate your business connectivity and collaboration with advanced features tailored for seamless communication.

Sangoma Telephone System

Sangoma telephone systems are renowned for their advanced and reliable telecommunications solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across the globe. As a leading provider in the industry, this telephone system specializes in developing cutting-edge communication technologies, including IP phone systems, PBX solutions, and unified communication platforms. This kind of telephone system is designed to enhance efficiency and collaboration within organizations, offering seamless connectivity and feature-rich functionality. 

With a commitment to innovation, Sangoma continues to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking robust and scalable telecommunication solutions. In the dynamic landscape of modern communication, this telephone system stands out as a reliable and forward-thinking choice for those looking to optimize their telephony infrastructure. Sangoma, with its proven track record, remains at the forefront of shaping the future of business communication.

Sangoma Desk Phones

1. HD Voice
2. Intuitive UI
3. Full Duplex Speakerphone
4. PoE (Power over Ethernet)
5. Multi-Line Support
6. Backlit Display
7. Programmable Function Keys
8. Integrated Headset Port
9. Security Features
10. Wide Compatibility

Desk phones are versatile and efficient communication tools that offer high-definition audio quality, intuitive user interfaces, and programmable function keys. They provide seamless integration with Sangoma’s telephone systems, ensuring a unified and streamlined communication experience. 

The ergonomic design and customizable options provide to the diverse needs of users, promoting a comfortable and personalized workspace. Additionally, advanced functionalities like voicemail, call forwarding, and conferencing capabilities contribute to a comprehensive communication solution. Desk phones deliver reliability, flexibility, and the latest in telephony technology, making them a preferred choice for businesses seeking a superior communication experience.


Sangoma Wireless DECT Phone

 1.44’’ TFT display (128 x 128 x 64k) with
graphical user interface
8 Up to 5 simultaneous calls (Base station)
8 Standby time: 75 hours
8 Talk time: Up to 8 hours
8 Range: Up to 50m indoors
8 Headset connector (3.5mm)
8 Handset selection for receiving call
8 Handset and number selection for
placing call
8 Paging, intercom, auto answer, call hold,
call transfer, 3-way conference, call
waiting, mute, silence, DND, caller ID
with name and number, anonymous call,
anonymous call rejection, call forward,
speed dial, voicemail, redial, message
waiting indication and call history
8 Wideband audio (G.722) support
8 Graphical interface with selectable
8 Selectable polyphonic ringtones
8 Local & remote phonebook support
8 1m drop protection
8 P-20 Ingress rated
8 Wideband two-way speaker phone
8 Handset automatically supports both
North America and EU standards
8 Firmware update

The Wireless DECT Phone is an advanced telecommunications device designed to provide seamless and reliable communication solutions for businesses. This innovative DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phone offers the freedom of mobility within the workplace, allowing users to stay connected without being tethered to a desk. With its long-range capabilities, the Wireless DECT Phone ensures clear and uninterrupted communication, making it ideal for environments where employees need to move freely while staying connected.

The device boasts advanced features such as high-quality audio, an intuitive user interface, and robust security protocols, ensuring a superior user experience. Additionally, the Sangoma DECT Phone integrates seamlessly with Sangoma’s broader telecommunications ecosystem, enabling businesses to create a unified communication environment. This wireless solution not only enhances productivity but also provides the flexibility required in dynamic work settings, making the Wireless DECT Phone a reliable and efficient choice for modern businesses.

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC Introduces Sangoma Telephone Systems in Dubai

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC, based in Dubai, is proud to offer state-of-the-art communication solutions through the telephone system. As a leading provider of security systems and services in the region, our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology aligns seamlessly with Sangoma’s reputation for innovative telecommunication solutions. The telephone system we deploy is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in Dubai, providing a reliable and scalable platform for efficient communication. 

With features like advanced IP phone systems and PBX solutions, Sangoma enhances the overall security and operational effectiveness of our clients. The synergy between Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC and S telephone systems ensures that our clients in Dubai benefit from a robust and secure communication infrastructure, reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence in both security and telecommunications services.


What is sangoma phone system?

The Sangoma Phone keeps you connected for chats, calls, and video anytime you need. It’s a powerful communication tool that works across Switchvox, PBXact, or FreePBX platforms, making sure you’re always in touch.

What is sangoma gateway?

Sangoma analog Vega gateways help businesses link VoIP and regular phone networks without changing their setup, saving both time and money.

What is the difference between FXO and FXS?

An FXS port helps connect analog phones and fax machines to a VoIP system. It lets your analog devices work with your VoIP phone setup. On the other hand, an FXO port allows you to use regular analog phone lines with your VoIP system, offering flexibility in connecting different types of devices.

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