Yealink IP Phone

Yealink IP Phones deliver clear communication and easy operation. Elevate your conversations with reliable and user-friendly devices for efficient connectivity.

Why Yealink IP Phones?

Choose Yealink IP Phones for clear, dependable communication. Designed for simplicity and reliability, our phones enhance connectivity, ensuring effective communication without unnecessary complexities. With user-friendly features and a commitment to quality, Yealink offers a practical solution for seamless conversations, making it the ideal choice for those seeking straightforward and efficient communication tools.

Yealink Telephone System in Dubai

Yealink is well-known as a global leader in unified collaboration and communication solutions. Several businesses around Dubai and other cities of the Emirates are using the Yealink IP phone systems, Team Phones, and its other products. They specialize in video conferencing and voice communications. Yealink offers a wide range of products in different categories. Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC provides innovative and advanced telecom, security, and IT solutions. Our customers are providing positive feedback regarding our installation and maintenance solutions. We provide Yealink IP phone installation, integration, maintenance, and more.

Yealink ip phone

Yealink MVC 500 Team Room System

  • The Yealink Mini-PC box offers numerous placement possibilities, including on the table, wall-mounted, or TV cart, permitting clutter-free conference tables in small spaces accommodating 6-8 people.
  • The CPW90 Wireless Microphone offers 360-degree voice pickup, a cable-free range of 10 feet (3 meters), and reliable communication up to 50 meters using DECT technology.
  • The UVC50 PTZ Camera provides a consistent 1080P/60-frame rate with a deep focus field for a crisp HD video experience. Its 91° area of view lens and auto-framing capability offer comprehensive meeting coverage.
yealink ip phone

Yealink Headsets

Yealink has designed and manufactured headsets, speakerphones, USB cameras, and BYOD kits that meet every business and organization’s demands in Dubai, UAE. Yealink cameras and other devices come with a plethora of features. All the features of the devices are required to run the businesses in today’s modern business world. It offers the best wireless headset for the Yealink phone. Moreover, you can use these headsets for personal solutions. The BYOD kits provide exceptional experience for conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.

Yealink UH36 Wired USB Headset

  • Specifically designed for Unified Communication, office, and call center professionals.
  • High-quality audio for an exceptional communication experience.
  • Integration with Yealink IP phones and device management platform.
  • Optimized audio quality and enhanced functions for Yealink IP Phones.
  • Reliable integration with Yealink USB Connect Software and Device Management Platform/Cloud Service.
  • Yealink Dynamic EQ and Wideband HD Audio Technology for rich and clear conversations.
  • Passive noise cancellation and noise-canceling microphones eliminate background noise, ensuring audio privacy.
  • Officially certified for Microsoft, Google, and Zoom, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance on these popular platforms.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, you must know your business requirements and budget before installing IP phones or other devices. Yealink offers products according to business requirements.  Alpha Capital Security System comes with cost-effective and advanced solutions. Our team will thoroughly check the site and client requirements. After that, we offer the choices that are most suitable for them. We can install and do maintenance of all the Yealink products, including Yealink IP phones, in every city of UAE, such as Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Umm Al Qaiwain, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah.


What is a Yealink IP phone?

Yealink is one of the best IP phone providers in more than 140 countries and regions. Yealink offers IP phones, SIP phones, VoIP phones, DECT phones, 4G phones, Teams phones, Zoom phones, and other IP phone products, as well as professional voice solutions.

How to setup Yealink IP phone?

Set up static IP address through the phone menu
  1. Go to. Menu. > …
  2. Select. Network. > …
  3. Enter the. IP Address. that you would like the phone to use, to enter a “.” press “*” on the phone then press the. …
  4. Enter your. Subnet Mask. …
  5. Enter your. Default Gateway. …
  6. Enter your. Primary DNS Server. …
  7. Optionally, enter. Secondary DNS Server.

What is the best Yealink VoIP phone?

Best Overall Yealink IP Phone: SIP T54W

With a built-in USB 2.0 port, you can easily enable USB call recording via a USB flash drive or connect a wired/wireless USB headset without connecting Yealink EHS36 anymore, and connect up to 3 Yealink expansion modules EXP50. With the SIP T54W, the possibilities are endless.

What is an IP phone used for?

An IP phone system (also sometimes referred to as a VoIP phone system or IP PBX) is a business phone system that functions using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. This allows users to take incoming calls and make outgoing calls using an internet connection.

What is my Yealink IP address?

From a Registered Handset

If you have a handset already registered, press the OK button on the handset and navigate to Status>DM>IPv4 to see the IP address.

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