Dlink IP Phones in Dubai

D-Link IP Phones in Dubai offer seamless communication solutions for businesses. With user-friendly features and reliable connectivity, these phones ensure clear conversations

Dlink IP Phones

D-Link IP phones provide a reliable and user-friendly solution for clear and efficient communication. Designed for everyday use, Dlink IP phones offer essential features that make staying connected easy. With Dlink IP phones, you can enjoy crystal-clear voice calls, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless integration into your communication network. Whether you’re making business calls or connecting with friends and family, Dlink IP phones offer a straightforward and dependable communication experience. Explore the convenience of Dlink IP phones for your daily communication needs.

Dlink IP Phone DPH-150se

1. VoIP Communication
2. General Office Use
3. Suitable for VSE, SOHO, SMB
4. High-Performance Platform
5. Versatile Features
6. LAN/DSL/Cable Network Compatibility
7. SIP Registration
8. Soft Switch and IP-PBX Integration
9. IMS-Based System Compatibility
10. Direct PC Connection
11. Elegant Design
12. Plastic Housing
13. TFT Color LCD Display
14. Visual Interface
15. Keypad and LCD Configuration Options
16. Web Browser Configuration Support
17. Handset and Handset Cord
18. Keypad and Keys
19. Wall-Mounting Kit Included

dph150se dlink ip phones

The DPH-150SE IP phones are designed for general office users, spanning from very small enterprises (VSE) and home offices (SOHO) to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). These phones facilitate VoIP communication with a sophisticated and elegant design, ensuring high performance and versatile features to meet diverse environmental requirements. Suitable for LAN/DSL/Cable network setups, the phones can be registered to SIP registrar servers, soft switches, IP-PBXs, or IMS-based systems, allowing SIP-enabled terminals to communicate seamlessly. 

Additionally, users can connect their PCs directly to the phone. The device, housed in plastic, comes with essential accessories like a handset, handset cord, keypad, keys, and a wall-mounting kit. The TFT color LCD display offers a user-friendly visual interface, and configuration can be done using the keypad/LCD or through a web browser.

D-link IP PBX

Dlink IP PBX and phones make talking at work easy. Dlink phones sound clear, and the system helps manage calls smoothly. Whether you have a small office or a big business, Dlink IP PBX is a simple way to handle phone calls over the internet. It’s easy to use, and Dlink phones are a great choice for better communication in your workplace.

Dlink IP Phones DVX-2002F

1. VoIP Connectivity
2. Built-in Router
3. Advanced Call Handling
4. Voicemail Integration
5. Auto Attendant
6. Conference Calling
7. Quality of Service (QoS)
8. SIP Trunking
9. Expandable Ports
10. User-Friendly Interface

SIP Phone (Session Initiation Protocol)

A SIP phone, which stands for Session Initiation Protocol phone, is a type of communication device that enables you to make calls using the internet. It works by turning your voice into digital signals, allowing you to talk to others over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. SIP phones, like Dlink IP phones, bring simplicity and efficiency to communication. With easy-to-use features, these phones let you connect seamlessly with others, whether it’s a voice call or a video conversation. D-Link IP phones provide a reliable and user-friendly way to stay connected in our modern, digital world.

D-link VPN Router

The D-Link VPN Router is like a bodyguard for your internet. It keeps your online stuff safe and secure, whether you’re working from home or running a small business. With this router, it’s super easy to create a private and safe internet space. D-Link makes sure your online world stays protected, so you can browse, share, and work without worries. Trust D-Link for a secure and stress-free online experience.

Wireless VPN Security Router DSR-150N

1. Wireless Connectivity
2. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
3. Integrated Firewall
4. Multiple VPN Protocols
5. High-Speed Internet
6. Quality of Service (QoS)
7. Guest Network
8. Content Filtering
9. Robust Security Features
10. Easy Setup

Wireless VPN Security Router

D-link IP Phone Price

ModelPrice (AED)Specification
D-Link DPH-150SE/F5 SIP Phone250Basic SIP phone with essential features
D-Link DPH-400SE/B1 SIP Phone350Mid-range SIP phone with enhanced capabilities
D-Link DPH-860S SIP Video Phone450SIP video phone with high-resolution display
D-Link DPH-C160S SIP Color Phone550Color SIP phone with integrated voicemail
D-Link DPH-140S SIP Phone650Advanced SIP phone with multi-call handling

Key Takeaway: Your Partner in Progress

Before getting Dlink IP phones, understand your business needs and budget. Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC has affordable and advanced solutions. We check your site and preferences, offering the best choices. We install and maintain Dlink IP phones in cities across the UAE like Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Umm Al Qaiwain, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah.


What is IP phone connection?

IP telephony, or Internet Protocol telephony, is a way of using the internet for voice calls, voicemail, video calls, video conferencing, faxing, and instant messaging (IM).

Which technology supports IP phones?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
An IP phone system (also sometimes referred to as a VoIP phone system or IP PBX) is a business phone system that functions using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

What is digital IP phone?

The phone changes regular phone sounds into digital for the internet and turns digital signals from the internet into standard phone sounds. VoIP phones, also called IP phones, have extra features compared to regular phones.

What are the benefits of IP phones?

IP Phones provide enhanced mobility and connectivity, enabling users to place calls from any desktop computer or mobile device. They utilize internet connections instead of traditional landlines, offering increased flexibility and eliminating the necessity for a physical phone.

Can we use IP phone at home?

To use a VoIP phone at home, make sure your internet is fast and steady. VoIP relies on a good internet connection for calls, so a slow or unstable one can cause issues.

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