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Quality amplifiers are like the heart of sound systems, ensuring the music pumps smoothly and powerfully. They come in different classes, which means different types, each with its way of working. Efficiency is essential, too; it’s like using energy wisely to get the most out of your sound system without wasting power. So, when picking amps, go for good-quality ones that match your system and make your music sound great!

Alpha Capital ProSound supplies high quality audio products for budding professionals and enthusiasts, allowing you to start your audio and musical journey without worrying about the cost.

DSPPA Amplifiers

DSPPA amplifiers are devices that make sounds louder. There are different types like the Mini Mixer Amplifier, Mixer Amplifier, Zone Mixer Amplifier, Integrated Mixer Amplifier, In-Wall Amplifier, Music Amplifier, Class D Power Amplifier, Pre Amplifier, and Power Amplifier. They’re used in various settings to boost audio signals, whether it’s for small gatherings or significant events. Each type serves a specific purpose: to make sure the sound is clear and powerful.

DMA6250U 250W Amplifier
MP60 60W Ultrathin Mixer Amplifier
MINI502 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
MINI502 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Prosound Amplifiers

Prosound amplifiers make your music louder and clearer. They boost the sound from your speakers so everyone can enjoy your tunes better.

Maono maonocaster AU-AM200 Portable Podcast Production Studio
Maono maonocaster AU-AM200 Portable Podcast Production Studio

Bose Amplifiers

Bose amplifiers make the sound louder. They include multichannel DSP amplifiers for better home theatre experiences and integrated zone amplifiers for playing music in different rooms. They’re handy for improving sound quality and spreading music around your space.

eBand JS-10
Gigcaster 5

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Discover High-Quality Amplifiers for Every Audio Need in Dubai, UAE

Explore our range of high-quality amplifiers in Dubai, UAE. We have amplifiers for every audio need, from cars to guitars and headphones. Find what you need at competitive prices!


Looking for a way to raise up the volume? Our amplifiers in Dubai, UAE have you covered! Whether you’re grooving in your car or banging out on the platform, our amplifiers provide a clear sound that will impress you. You’ll be the center of attention wherever you go because to the simple controls and exceptional performance. Enhance your audio experience now with our high-quality amplifiers.

Amplifier Speaker

Hey there, music excited! Ready to push the sound enjoyment to the next level as well? Our booster amplifiers are the best choice for blasting your favorite music in style. With powerful sub-bass and crystal-clear highs, these speakers will make any gathering a party. And with their elegant appearance, they’ll look great in any room. So, why wait? Take your amplifier speakers and prepare to ramp up the volume!

Car Amplifier

A car amplifier is like an amplifier for the car’s sound system. It takes the sound signals from your car radio and makes them more audible and sharper. It’s like adding extra power with your speakers so you can hear your best tunes better, especially when you’re stuck upon the road. With a car booster, you can take in your music with a greater oomph and excitement, making your car into an actual musical hall!.

Sony XM-8ES Car Audio Mobile ESTM 8-Channel Power Amplifier

100W x 8 (330W x 4 bridged) RMS output power at 4 ohms

165W x 8 RMS output power at 2 ohms

High-Resolution Audio compatible

Signal summing for seamless connection to factory audio and combined pre-outs

Updated connection terminals and control panel, plus supplied bass remote

Guitar Amplifier

An electric guitar amplifier is a gadget that enhances and amplifies the sound of your electric guitar. It takes an insignificant electrical signal from your musical instrument and boosts it’s bigger so you can hear it by means of speakers. Guitar amplifiers come in numerous shapes and styles, from small ones for training at home to big ones to playing shows. They have levers and buttons to change the sound, like level and the mood, so you are able to modify your guitar play just the way yourself want. Whether you’re playing in your own home or on stage, a good acoustic amplifier can make your tunes sound great!

guitar amplifier

PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti Signature 15 Watt Guitar Amp Head

– Type: Head
– Wattage: 15 / 7 watts
– Channels: 2 (Clean and Gain)
– Tubes: 6 x JJ EC83S (preamp), 2 x JJ 5881 (power)
– Clean Channel Controls: Volume, Treble (with pull Boost), Middle, Bass
– Gain Channel Controls: Gain, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass
– Outputs: 1 x 16 ohms and 2 x 8 ohms (parallel)
– Included: 1-button footswitch, amp cover
– Dimensions: 14.8″ x 8″ x 7.25″
– Weight: 8 kg

Bose Amplifier

It is possible to make sound louder and better with a Bose speaker. The speaker is very powerful, and you can connect it to your music player, TV, or other devices. You can enjoy your best songs, movies, and games with great sound quality when you use a Bose amplifier. You can use it at parties, movie nights, or just to relax at home. You can find Bose amplifiers in a range of sizes and types to suit your wants and room. So turn the music up loud and enjoy it!

Bose Music Amplifier

– Audio cable included: No
– Speaker dimensions: 2.9″ H x 8.3″ W x 8.3″ D (5.1 lb)
– Product Material: Plastic, Glass
– Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, Network (WiFi Enabled)
– Bose App: Bose Music App

bose amplifier

Yamaha Amplifier

An amplifier from Yamaha is like adding more power to your music. It boosts the volume and clarity of your sound, which helps you feel the beat better. It will make your songs sound great, whether you use it with speakers or headphones. Plug it in, turn it up, and listen to your best music with more power!

A-S1200 Integrated Amplifier

  • High quality components delivering exceptional musical expression
  • Toroidal power transformer with enormous energy for a pure musical sound
  • Gorgeous level meters convey dynamics and music pulse with a nod to the nostalgic Hi-Fi era
  • Floating balanced power amplifier
  • Mechanical ground concept maximizes rigidity for expressive and rhythmic bass
yamaha amplifier

Ahuja Speakers

Ahuja speakers are famous for boosting sound at events, parties, and meetings. They come in different sizes and power levels to meet various needs. These amplifier are easy to use; just plug in your music source and speakers, change the volume, and enjoy the boosted sound. With Ahuja speakers, you can make your music bigger and better, creating a great mood for everyone to enjoy!


  • Stereo Music Operation for DJ shows.
  • Facilitates joining and operation of two different groups of speakers simultaneously on ‘Mono’ mode. Ideal for places of worship.
  • Box Speaker/Driver Unit selection switch for each zone. Bass boost stopped at Driver Unit spot for better running of driver units.
  • Resettable circuit breaker for safety against overload and short circuit.
    Zone On/Off function. Output levels of each Zone can be set separately to desired levels and the zones can be turned On/Off without disturbing the noise settings.
  • Instant switch to DC power (Car Battery) if AC power stops.
    Bar Graph Signal Display.

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Looking to boost you're sound? An booster is the answer! that you must turn up the volume on your car music or raise the level of your house audio system, an amplifier provides powerful, crystal-clear sound. Upgrade the way you listen today alongside an amplifier and submerge you in your favorite songs like never before


1. What are amplifiers, and why are they essential for sound systems?

Amplifiers boost sound, making it louder and clearer, which is essential for enjoyable listening.

2. What should I consider when choosing an amplifier for my sound system?

Consider quality, compatibility, and efficiency to ensure the amplifier suits your system and enhances the sound without wasting power.

3. How do different types of amplifiers serve various purposes?

Different amplifier types cater to specific needs, from small gatherings to significant events, offering versatility in sound system setups.

4. What are some common amplifier types and their uses?

Amplifier types like Mini Mixer, Zone Mixer, and Power Amplifiers, from small gatherings to large events, serve specific purposes.

5. Can you explain amplifier efficiency?

Efficiency means using energy wisely to get the most out of your sound system without wasting power.

6. How do amplifiers contribute to overall sound quality?

Amplifiers are crucial in improving sound quality by making it louder and more powerful, enhancing the listening experience.

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