Suprema Access Control System

The Suprema Access Control System offers a robust and secure solution for managing access to your premises. This system utilizes advanced biometric technology, such as fingerprint and facial recognition.

Suprema Access Control System in Dubai

We offer Suprema access control systems advanced solutions for securing access to buildings, facilities, and even homes. They are designed to provide a robust access solution at locations of any size and complexity. The brand is gaining popularity in Dubai, a place where security is among the top priorities. At Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC. you’ll find high-quality and reliable products by Suprema at a fair price. From purchasing to installation and maintenance, we provide complete services across Dubai. In addition to access control systems, we are providing other security solutions as well.

Advantages of Suprema Access Control System

Suprema is revolutionising the way companies and organisations control access to their premises. Following are some of the most advanced features and technologies that give Suprema an edge over its competitors:

Biometric Technology: 

One of the key features of Suprema access control systems is their biometric technology. It is a highly secure method of identifying individuals and protecting secure areas. This technology uses unique physical features such as a fingerprint, voice, or face in order to recognise a person’s identity and grant access.

Additional Advanced Features: 

In addition to biometric technology, Suprema offers a broad range of other advanced features and capabilities. For instance, Suprema access control systems can be integrated with other essential security systems, such as alarms, video surveillance, and visitor management systems. It significantly boosts the overall security of a location and allows for better management control and monitoring.

Flexibility and Scalability: 

Suprema products are highly flexible and scalable. They can be easily customised to meet the requirements of different locations, regardless of complexity and size. Whether it’s a small business, large cooperation, healthcare facility, or government agency, the Suprema access control system can be tailored to fit the location and provide the required access control.

User-friendly interface: 

The Suprema access control system offers an easy-to-operate and manage user interface. Suprema’s software and user-friendly interface make it much easier to monitor and manage access control systems.

Suprema Access Control Management Features

  • Schedule access for specific times and days.
  • Long-term non-access user management
  • User permission management at each door
  • Zone management
  • Floor access permission management
  • Door, zone, and device status monitoring
  • Real-time event log monitoring
  • Device Management
Suprema Access Control System

Suprema Access control supplier in Dubai

Suprema access control system products are gaining rapid popularity in Dubai, mainly due to their advanced features and quality. You can get these reliable and efficient products with installation and maintenance services from Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC. We offer the best prices on Suprema products and services in Dubai. We take pride that we are best Suprema access control supplier in Dubai.

Suprema BioStar 2 Access control security platform

Suprema BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform that goes beyond basic access control. It offers a comprehensive set of features for access control, time & attendance, visitor management, video surveillance, and more.  Here are some advanced features that make BioStar 2 a worthy option for your security needs:

Easy to manage: BioStar 2 offers access control, decision-making, and data management centralized at a single point.

Enhanced Security: BioStar 2 stores sensitive data in the main controller with a secure element, ensuring protection from unauthorized users.

Easy to scale: BioStar 2 can be expanded by easily adding capacity while keeping the cost under control.

Real-time management: Biostar 2 requires low response time and prevents connectivity loss.

Flexible adaptation: With Biostar 2, you can add, remove, or upgrade readers without having a system-wide impact.

Cost-effective: Biostar 2 needs simple wiring and offers low installation and maintenance costs.

Suprema Time Attendance System

Suprema offers a comprehensive time and attendance system designed to simplify and streamline employee time tracking. Their system utilizes a variety of biometrics, including fingerprint, facial recognition, and iris recognition, to provide accurate and reliable timekeeping.

Suprema Time Attendance Machine BioEntry W2

  •  Price: 2,357 AED
  • Multimodal biometric identification: Supports fingerprint and RFID card authentication.
  • 4.3″ touchscreen display
  • IP network connectivity: Enables real-time data transmission and remote management.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity: Offers additional flexibility for data transfer and mobile access.
  • Ideal for small and medium businesses: Offers a cost-effective solution for basic time and attendance needs.
Suprema Time Attendance Machine BioEntry W2

Suprema Biometric Readers BioStation 2a

  • Price: 5,070AED
  • BioStation 2a
  • High Performance with AI
  • Embedded AI Processor
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Mobile Access
  • P65 rating
  • 16 GB of flash and 2 GB of RAM
  • Optional Facial Recognition
  • Multi-colour LED
  • USB 2.0 (host)
Suprema Biometric Readers BioStation 2a

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Face Recognition System Suprema FaceStation F2

  • Fusion Matching Technology: Combines IR and visible facial authentication
  • Fast Matching Speed: Up to 4,000 matches per second
  • Multimodal with Various Credentials
  • Integrated PoE
  • Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485, Wiegand, USB, and SD card
  •  supports a variety of credentials, including RFID cards, PINs, and mobile IDs.
Face Recognition System Suprema FaceStation F2

Suprema RX/Mobile Readers

Suprema’s RX/Mobile readers are a series of RFID readers designed to work with both physical access cards and mobile credentials stored on smartphones and other devices. We are offering Suprema mobile readers access control systems, installation, and maintenance services all over Dubai.

XPass 2 XP2-MDPB (Outdoor Compact RFID Device)

  • IP65 and IP67 ratings
  • 1GHz CPU
  • Supports RS-485 communication
  • Smart card reader
  • Multi-colour LCD
  • 1 Relay
  • 4GB flash + 64MB RAM
XPass 2 XP2-MDPB (Outdoor Compact RFID Device)
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