Intercom Systems in Dubai, UAE

Intercom systems in Dubai, UAE, are widely used in residential and commercial buildings for enhanced security and communication. Intercom systems range from basic audio to advanced video intercoms with smartphone integration. With the city’s focus on smart living, these systems are integral to modern infrastructure.

Why are Intercom Systems used?

Intercom systems help people communicate within a building and manage who can enter. They make it easy to talk to someone at the door or in another room and help keep the building secure by controlling access. This is especially important in apartments, offices, and gated communities.

Types of intercom commonly used in Dubai, UAE

Wired Intercom

These systems use physical wires to connect intercom units throughout a building. Wired intercoms provide reliable communication and usually offer better audio quality, but because of the wiring involved, they often need professional installation.

Wireless Intercom

Wireless intercoms use radio frequencies or Wi-Fi to transmit audio signals between units. They can be installed and placed in various flexible positions. However, they might have a shorter range than wired intercom systems and can be affected by interference.

Video Intercom

Video intercom systems come with a camera so users can see and talk to visitors before allowing them entry. This feature enhances security by letting users visually verify who is at the door, ensuring that only trusted individuals can gain access.

Audio Intercom Systems

Audio intercom systems allow users to communicate through sound only, without video. These systems let people talk and listen to each other from different locations within a building or property.

Doorbell Intercom Systems

Doorbell intercoms merge a doorbell with an intercom unit, enabling visitors to ring the doorbell and talk to occupants before being let in. These systems are commonly used in homes for added convenience and security.

Top Selling Intercoms in Dubai, UAE

Video intercom system

Video Intercom IP KIT Dahua KTP05

Video intercom system KTP01L

Dahua IP Intercom KTP01L

Yale Intercom system

Yale Intercom YK420/816C

AXIS I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom

AXIS I8016-LVE Video Intercom

Hikvision Intercom DS-KD8003-IME1

Hikvision Intercom DS-KD8003-IME1

Hikvision Intercomds kh6320 wte1

Hikvision Intercom DS - kh6320 wte1

Hikvision Intercom System DS-KD9203-FTE6

Hikvision Intercom System DS-KD9203-FTE6

Hikvision Wireless Intercom DS-KIS603-P

Hikvision Wireless Intercom DS-KIS603-P

Audio Intercom Handset AP-2SAG

Audio Intercom Handset AP-2SAG

Intercom Phone in Dubai

Intercom Phone

commax intercom in Dubai

Commax Video Intercom System

Ring doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell in Dubai

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Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom Systems in Dubai, UAE

Audio Intercom Systems

Audio Intercom Systems in Dubai, UAE

Home Intercom system in Dubai

Home / Residential Intercom Systems

Commercial Intercom Systems in Dubai

Commercial Intercom Solutions

Deals With All Top Brands of Intercom Systems Dubai, UAE

Hikvision Intercom Systems in Dubai

Hikvision intercom systems are well-known for their advanced functionalities and dependable performance. Our extensive selection of Hikvision products includes video intercoms, access control systems, and comprehensive security solutions precisely prepared to meet your requirements.

Commax intercoms in Dubai

Commax provides cost-effective, easy-to-use intercoms ideal for residential complexes and small enterprises. intercomsIts systems are recognized for their straightforwardness and dependability, making them preferred options for basic usage scenarios.

Comelit Intercom Systems in Dubai

Comelit intercoms provide sleek, innovative solutions for residential and commercial spaces. These systems seamlessly blend contemporary design with modern technology to ensure effective communication and access control.

Dahua Intercom in Dubai

Dahua intercoms are recognized for their exceptional video and audio performance. We offer various Dahua intercoms designed for multiple applications, including residential complexes, offices, and industrial sites.

Honeywell Intercom in Dubai

We offer a selection of Honeywell intercom systems acclaimed for their reliability and advanced features. Our systems are designed for use in homes and businesses, providing smooth communication and improved security.

Intercom Systems Price in Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, UAE, intercom prices vary based on brand, type, and features. Basic ones go from AED 200 to AED 1,500, while fancier models with video calling and remote door unlocking can range from AED 1,500 to AED 5,000.

Sr.NoBrandModelPrice in Dubai, UAE
1HikvisionDS-KD8003-IME1460 AED
2HikvisionDS-KH6320-WTE1400 AED
3HikvisionDS-KIS604-S2157 AED
4HikvisionDS-KIS604-P1832 AED
5DahuaKTP051475 AED
6EzvizDB1558 AED
7YaleYK420/816C700 AED
8GrandstreamGDS37101038 AED
10AXISI8016-LVE800 AED

Available in Every Location Across the UAE

We provide a comprehensive range of intercom solutions in the UAE to meet your communication and security needs.

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Voice Intercom in Dubai

A voice intercom system facilitates two-way communication between locations and is commonly used in homes, businesses, and schools. There are two main types: wired, which uses cables, and wireless, which operates via radio waves. Components include:

  • Stations with microphones and speakers.
  • A master station for control.
  • A power supply.

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What is the intercom system?

An intercom system enables communication between people in different parts of a building or facility. It includes a central unit with speakers and microphones placed in various areas, facilitating two-way communication

What is IP intercom system?

An IP intercom unequivocally uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology to send audio and video signals over a network, such as the Internet or LAN. This undeniably provides extensive installation flexibility and seamless integration with other IP-based systems, including security cameras and access control systems.

How do intercoms work?

Intercoms send sound, and sometimes video, between different stations. When someone talks into a microphone at one station, the sound goes to the central unit, which then sends it to the stations they want to hear it. Those stations play the sound through their speakers so people can talk back and forth.

How much does intercom cost?

In Dubai, UAE, intercom prices range from 400 AED to 8000 AED. The cost of an intercom system can change depending on factors such as the type of system, the number of units needed, and the quality of audio and video.

Where to Buy Intercom systems in Dubai, UAE

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC provides various intercom solutions to your needs. Whether you need basic units or advanced IP intercom systems, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our services include complete installation and upkeep to ensure smooth communication on your property. You can also buy intercoms directly from us, with competitive prices and quality service guaranteed. Contact us for all your intercom needs.

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