Polycom Phone System Services in Dubai

Explore a diverse range of communication solutions with Polycom Phones, including desk phones, conference phones, and VoIP solutions. Elevate your business communication experience with advanced technology and reliable performance tailored to meet your specific needs.

Polycom Phones, Desk Phones, Conference Phones, and VoIP Solutions

Discover unparalleled communication solutions with our Polycom phone system services in Dubai. As a leading provider, we specialize in delivering top-notch Polycom solutions, including the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Polycom desk phones, conference phones, and advanced VoIP systems.

Our expert team ensures seamless integration, offering businesses in Dubai a reliable and efficient phone system experience. Trust us to enhance your communication infrastructure with Polycom, providing tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements and elevate the connectivity standards for your organization. Experience the power of Polycom in Dubai with our dedicated services, designed to optimize your communication landscape.

Polycom Analog Conference Phone

1. HD Voice Technology
2. NoiseBlock Technology
3. 360-Degree Microphone Pickup
4. Echo Cancellation
5. Multi-person Connectivity
6. Intuitive User Interface
7. Wireless Connectivity Options
8. Integration with Collaboration Platforms
9. Expandable Options
10. Security Features

The Analog Conference Phone is a reliable solution for high-quality audio conferencing. With its user-friendly design, it ensures seamless communication in meeting rooms. Equipped with advanced features, this conference phone offers crystal-clear sound and efficient call management. Experience enhanced collaboration and productivity with the Poly Analog Conference Phone, designed to meet the diverse needs of conference environments.


Polycom Group 500 Codec

1. HD Video Conferencing
2. Content Sharing Capabilities
3. Dual Monitor Support
4. EagleEye IV Camera Compatibility
5. Acoustic Fence Technology
6. SmartPairing for Mobile Devices
7. H.264 High Profile Video Compression
8. Polycom Constant Clarity Technology
9. Advanced Microphone Array
10. RealPresence Touch Control Compatibility

The Poly Group 500 Codec is a state-of-the-art video conferencing solution that delivers high-quality collaboration experiences. With support for HD video conferencing and content sharing capabilities, it facilitates seamless communication in business environments. The codec is equipped with advanced features like EagleEye IV Camera Compatibility and Acoustic Fence Technology, ensuring clear visuals and exceptional audio quality. Its compatibility with RealPresence Touch Control enhances user interaction, making the Poly Group 500 Codec a versatile choice for modern conferencing needs.

Polycom ip500

1. HD Voice Technology
2. Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support
3. Dual Ethernet Ports
4. Backlit Display
5. Multilingual User Interface
6. Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support
7. Full-Duplex Speakerphone
8. Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Presence Monitoring
9. Call Waiting and Call Transfer
10. Compatibility with Broad Range of SIP-Based Platforms

polycom ip500

The Poly IP500 is a sophisticated IP phone designed to elevate your communication experience. With its advanced features, including HD Voice technology and dual Ethernet ports, it ensures crystal-clear audio and reliable connectivity. The backlit display and multilingual user interface enhance user convenience, while features like call waiting and transfer contribute to seamless and efficient communication. Experience a new level of clarity and functionality with the Polycom IP500.

Polycom VSX 5000 Price

The Poly video conferencing system is a low-cost and user-friendly alternative for corporate clients. It’s an ideal choice when someone is not yet sure whether they will need to use high-definition videos during conferences. There are two configurations: standard and high definition. For those operating on a tight budget, the standard configuration is the best option. However, if you want to make sure that the quality of your videos is at its utmost level, then you should go for a high-definition configuration.

The price of the Poly VSX 5000 varies depending on the configuration you choose.

  • Standard Configuration: AED 3,999
  • High-Definition Configuration: AED 4,999

Polycom Trio 8800 Skype

The Poly Trio 8800 Skype is a versatile conferencing solution that seamlessly integrates with Skype for Business. This intelligent collaboration hub features a large touchscreen display for easy navigation and provides HD audio quality, ensuring crystal-clear communication. With its dynamic design, the Poly Trio 8800 transforms any meeting space into a productive collaboration environment. Experience the power of unified communication with this innovative solution, combining Polycom’s renowned technology with the connectivity of Skype for Business for enhanced team collaboration.

Polycom Analog Conference Phone

The Polycom Analog Conference Phone is a handy device for group meetings or discussions. It’s like a smart speaker for your meetings, making sure everyone’s voice is heard loud and clear. Just connect it to your phone line, and you’re good to go for effective and easy conversations with your team or clients. It’s a simple solution for making group calls in offices or meeting rooms, making communication hassle-free.


What is a Polycom used for?

The Polycom SoundStation is a conference phone made for mid-sized rooms. Thanks to Polycom HD Voice technology, it makes sure everyone’s voice sounds really good—clear and high-quality.

How do you use a Polycom system?

How to Use Polycom Video Conferencing:

Step 1: Power up the Polycom System. Just press and hold the green button on the remote until you see a blue flashing light on the Polycom unit.

Step 2: Switch on the TV screen.

Step 3: Begin a Video Conference Call.

Step 4: Turn off the Polycom Video Unit when you’re done.

What is a Polycom system?

Polycom is a tool for professional video calls between different places that have the right video equipment. If you want to book a Polycom room, make sure to check the scheduling information.

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