IP Speakers in Dubai

Enhance your listening experience with our state-of-the-art IP speakers. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio, thanks to advanced technology that ensures modern sound quality.

IP speakers, or network speakers, are like regular speakers, but they connect to the internet. Instead of needing lots of wires for each speaker, they use special internet cables called Ethernet cables. This makes it easier to put them wherever you want and control them from far away. You can even add them to your existing internet setup without much trouble. People use IP speakers a lot in stores, offices, and factories to play music or make announcements to everyone in the building.

IP Speaker System

Introducing our latest IP Loudspeakers, blending our modern audio from our Turbine platform with the broadcast capabilities of public address speakers.

Enhance your PA announcements with Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC speakers, allowing real-time interaction and clear communication for your team in any environment.

Our speakers offer flexible zoning options for easy scalability, along with self-check features to minimize system downtime. Enjoy automatic volume control and reduced maintenance needs, saving you time and money. Plus, with talkback and ambient listening capabilities, our speakers meet diverse communication needs effortlessly.

IP speakers

IP Speaker Hikvision

Looking for clear communication solutions in Dubai? Hikvision IP speakers might be your answer. These speakers use your existing network to deliver crisp announcements and messages throughout your building. They’re perfect for offices, schools, and even stores, allowing you to make clear announcements, improve security, and even play background music. 

They’re easy to install, manage remotely, and come in weatherproof options for outdoor use. With Hikvision IP speakers, clear communication is just a click away.

Network Column Speaker 30W

1. High-speed Industrial Grade Dual Core Chips: This feature ensures fast and efficient processing, enhancing overall system performance.
2. Dual Backup System: With built-in NOR Flash+EMMC dual storage, the system supports dual backup, ensuring data reliability and system stability.
3. Enhanced Security Measures: The system supports secure startup, user login locking mechanisms, and password complexity prompts, enhancing network security.
4. Remote Platform Management: Users can centrally manage multiple platforms through IP networks, enabling flexible configuration and easy management.
5. Alarm and Audio Linkage: The system supports alarm input, arming schedules, and audio linkage, allowing for synchronized responses to events.
6. Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Text Broadcasting: With TTS speech synthesis and text broadcasting capabilities, users can choose between natural and smooth standard male and female audio options for clear communication.

ip speakers

IP Speaker Dahua

You can use IP speakers from Dahua to make your security better. Here’s how:

1. Making announcements: These speakers can be used to warn people about dangers like fires or break-ins.
2. Talking Back: They have microphones, so security can talk to people in trouble.
3. Working with Cameras: They can be linked with security cameras to scare away bad guys or tell people what to do if something happens.
4. Remote Control: You can control them from far away using a computer or phone.
5. Scheduled Alerts: They can automatically play messages at certain times or when something bad happens.

Basically, these speakers help keep places safe by talking to people and scaring off troublemakers.

AXIS C11 Network Cabinet Speaker Series

  • Stylish, flexible all-in-one speaker
  • Connects to the standard network
  • Easy installation with PoE
  • Two-way audio with echo cancellation
  • Remote health testing

IP Speaker Poe

An IP speaker with PoE means it gets power and data through one cable. It’s like having one cord for both electricity and the internet. This setup is super handy because it makes installation easy-peasy. You don’t need extra wires, which saves time and makes things less messy. Plus, it’s efficient because it uses less energy and resources. 

So, if you’re setting up speakers and want to keep things simple, going with an IP speaker that supports PoE is a smart move!

CMX – IP POE Ceiling Speaker – DI-97501

  • Support for the existing POE switch network system
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3at
  • IP based POE powered 30W ceiling speaker
  • Single network cable for control, signal and power supply
  • Same POE speakers enable to be several group or zone defined
  • Support IP BGM, live speech, pre-recorded announcement
  • Support IP voice alarm by add IP voice alarm controller
  • Different programs simultaneously through different POE speakers
  • Paging prioritization and background music system
  • Network adjustable speaker volume
ip speakers

IP Speaker Outdoor

An IP speaker outdoor is a speaker that you can put outside. It’s made to handle things like rain and sunshine without breaking. So, if you want music or announcements in your backyard or at a park, these speakers are perfect. They’re tough and can handle being outside all the time.

Outdoor IP speaker:

1. Audible signal: Type: Yes
2. Visual signal: type: no
3. Text message display: Type: No
4. IP connection functionality: Type: Yes
5. Compatibility with products from the Harmonys range (Type: Harmonys)
6. Manual broadcast functionality: Type: Yes
7. Scheduled broadcast functionality: Type: Yes
8. Alert broadcast functionality: Type: Yes
9. Microphone call functionality: Type: Yes
10. Music broadcast: Type: Yes
11. Accessibility for hearing-impaired people: Type: No
12. Adjustable brightness: Type: No
13. Adjustable volume: Type: Yes
14. Melodies supplied: Type: Yes
15. Customizable content: Type: Yes

ip speaker outdoor

Sip Speaker

A SIP speaker is kind of like a normal speaker, but it can hook up to the internet. It’s useful because it allows you to call people using the internet instead of a regular phone line. So, you can chat with someone far away just by using the internet. 

It’s sort of like having a phone conversation, but over the internet. These speakers can also blast music or other sounds, just like a regular speaker, but the cool thing is they can connect to the internet for calls too.


1. Live and Pre-recorded Announcements
2. Scheduled Announcements
3. Informacast Protocol Support
4. Server-less Solutions
5. Powerful Amplifier
6. Simple Installation and Configuration
7. Connection of an Add-on Speaker
8. Backup Proxy Server
9. Integration into VSM Systems


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What is an IP speaker?

The IP speaker makes voices, music, or other sounds louder automatically or by hand. It works with fancy communication systems like VoIP or SIP phones, IP cameras, or cameras that detect movement or see pictures.

Why are IP speakers so expensive?

The speakers themselves are relatively inexpensive, but they must be connected through a physical cable leading back to an amplifier to function. That’s a lot of wiring to deal with, and the amplifier might be located far away or even through heavy sheetrock, which could be very expensive to install and maintain.

Which of the following are benefits of IP speakers?

Using an IP audio system allows for communication to take place at the right time, in the right place, and with the sound quality needed to keep people safe and secure.

How does IP speaker work?

The IP speaker’s processor receives audio content from its source through a packet-switched data network. It uses IPv4 and IPv6 addressing along with the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) to transmit the audio.

What does IP stand for in audio?

Ingress Protection
When it comes to audio components and other electronic devices, IP ratings are the first thing you’ll want to know. “IP” stands for Ingress Protection.
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