CCTV Camera Installation | Advanced CCTV Installation & Maintenance Services in UAE, Dubai

In the UAE, CCTV Camera Installation is important. With a reliable CCTV system, you can easily watch your family and pets from anywhere, prevent crime and suspicious behavior around your premises, and enhance safety in your workplace. We’re here to help you with that. We are a professional Security camera installation and maintenance company in Dubai with experienced and expert technicians whom you can trust. 

Whether you need high-definition IP cameras, Analog Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Bullet cameras, or Day/Night Vision Cameras, we’ve got what you need for your home or business security.

Our company provides expert CCTV camera installation services across various industries, including Offices, Public Areas, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Jewelry Stores, Factories & Industries, Film studios, Corporate Headquarters, Universities, Schools and Colleges, and Traffic. Additionally, we offer excellent residential surveillance packages to ensure complete security solutions for all. Plus, we’ve got great deals on home security packages to keep your family safe & Secure.

What makes us unique from other CCTV installation companies in Dubai is our commitment to delivering high-quality CCTV cameras alongside expert CCTV Security System installation and maintenance services in UAE.

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Why do You need CCTV Camera Installation In UAE?

Living and working in the UAE brings an exciting lifestyle, but security remains a top priority. CCTV cameras prevent crime, allow remote monitoring, and provide peace of mind. Ideal for homes, businesses, commercial, and anyone seeking additional security in the UAE. You need CCTV camera installation in UAE because:

  • Boost Protection, Prevent theft
  • Useful for Criminal Evidence
  • Real-Time Surveillance
  • Monitor Babies and Pets
  • Improves Productivity among Employees
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Monitoring of High-Risk Areas
  • IP Remote Monitoring

We provide a wide range of advanced and latest Security Camera with expert CCTV camera installation & maintenance in UAE and Dubai For Installation & Maintenance contact: +971 55 408 4213

CCTV Installation Dubai:

Are you worried about CCTV Camera installation in Dubai? CCTV Installation in Dubai Made Easy! We handle planning, installation, and maintenance. Get a custom CCTV system that fulfills Dubai regulations. Experience, Quality, Affordability (24/7 Monitoring & Surveillance) We have everything! 

We’re a SIRA Certified CCTV Camera Installation Company in UAE, offering a broad range of premium yet affordable products. You can relax knowing that our careful planning meets Dubai’s strict security standards for homes, businesses, and commercial buildings. Get a Free Consultation Now!

CCTV Camera Installation
Advanced CCTV Installation & Maintenance Services In UAE

Advanced CCTV Installation & Maintenance Services In UAE:

Upgrade your security with our Advanced CCTV Surveillance systems! Many of our happy customers have experienced a significant improvement in their security after switching to our Modern CCTV systems! Here are some reasons why you might consider Modern CCTV camera installation in UAE over a basic system:

Modern CCTV offers superior image quality, more comprehensive coverage, facial recognition, system integration, remote access, motion alerts, cloud storage, scalability, and business benefits like loss prevention, employee monitoring, customer safety, and regulation compliance.

Best & Reliable CCTV Camera Systems & Brands We Provide Installation in UAE

We offer a wide range of the best & most reliable CCTV camera systems and brands in Dubai, with expert installation services.

Hikvision CCTV Camera Systems

High-quality yet affordable security cameras for indoor and outdoor protection offer options from 2MP to 8MP for crystal-clear visuals. (Best Overall)

Dahua Camera System

Dahua CCTV Camera Systems

High-quality images and steadfast performance for both indoor and outdoor security. Choose from 2MP to 8MP cameras to fit your needs.

Axis CCTV Camera Systems

Axis CCTV Camera Systems

Powerful network cameras for complex indoor and outdoor security setups. Available in various resolutions to meet your specific requirements.

Samsung CCTV Camera Systems

Samsung CCTV Camera Systems

Trusted brand for complete home and business security, indoors and outdoors. They offer a range of cameras, from 2MP to 8MP, for complete monitoring.

Eufy CCTV Cameras

Eufy CCTV Camera Systems

Easy-to-use intelligent security cameras that work perfectly indoors and outdoors for your connected home. Available in 2MP and 4MP options for clear visuals.

Ezviz CCTV Camera Systems

Ezviz Security Camera System

Affordable security cameras with user-friendly features, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose from 2MP to 4MP options for a budget-friendly security solution.

IMOU CCTV Camera Systems

IMOU Security Camera System

Intelligent surveillance cameras with AI that keep an eye out for you, indoors or outdoors. It is offered in 2MP and 4MP resolutions with AI features for aggressive protection.

Ring Security Camera System

Easy-to-use security systems with cameras that stand up to the weather, keeping you safe indoors and outdoors. Ring offers different camera options with varying picture quality.

Get Your CCTV System Installed in 5 Simple Steps

Getting your CCTV system installed in Dubai is as easy as following six simple steps with us.

Step 1

Contact us with your CCTV requirements.

First, contact us with your CCTV requirements. Tell us where you’d like cameras installed (indoors, outdoors, or both), how many cameras you need, and the level of image detail you desire (higher megapixels for clearer visuals). We’ll help you choose the best CCTV system from our trusted brands to fit your needs and budget.

Step 2

Site survey and analysis

After you share your initial needs, we’ll take the next step! Our security specialists will conduct a comprehensive site survey and analysis. During this visit, they’ll assess your property layout, identify critical areas to monitor, and evaluate potential security risks. This in-depth analysis helps us design a customized CCTV solution that matches your unique requirements perfectly.

Step 3

Plan and strategy for installing CCTV cameras

With all the information gathered, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to craft a strategic plan for your CCTV Camera installation. We’ll discuss camera placement based on your preferences and security needs.

Step 4

Plan and strategy for installing CCTV cameras

Our skilled technicians take over once we finalize the perfect security plan together. They’ll handle the accurate placement and installation of your CCTV cameras, ensuring everything is secure and functional. You can relax knowing our experts use their precision and experience to create a strong security system for your peace of mind.

Step 5

Plan and strategy for installing CCTV cameras

Once everything’s in place, our experts don’t stop there! They’ll fine-tune and test the entire CCTV system to ensure it works perfectly and meets all your expectations. You can trust us for a smooth and hassle-free CCTV installation experience in Dubai, leaving you with peace of mind knowing your property is well-protected.

CCTV Camera Installation Price in UAE, Dubai

Sr.NoCCTV Installation PackagesNo. of CCTV CamerasPrice
1Basic Residential42,450 AED
2Intermediate Residential84,000 AED
3Advanced Residential166,500 AED
4Basic Commercial43,400 AED
5Intermediate Commercial85,500 AED
6Advanced Commercial168,000 AED

Why Alpha Capital for CCTV Camera Installation and Maintenance in Dubai?

 We offer a winning combination:  experienced and certified technicians you can trust, a wide range of high-quality security cameras at affordable prices, and ongoing customer support. Plus, we’re an SIRA-certified company specializing in customized CCTV solutions for any security need.

Here’s why we’re the perfect choice:

  • Experienced & Certified Technicians You Can Trust
  • SIRA Certified CCTV Camera Installation Company in UAE
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Premium And Affordable
  • Ongoing Customer Support:
  • Customized CCTV Solutions for every security need:
  • Customers Love Our CCTV Camera Installation Services

What Our Clients Say About Our CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services in Dubai:

Our clients in Dubai love our CCTV installation services! We consistently receive 5-star ratings across all platforms.

yamen al saleh
yamen al saleh
@yamen al saleh
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They installed hikvision ezviz CCTV Cameras,Zkteco Access Control Time attendance and Hikvision video intercom in our office.Positive Energy. Professional Security System Installer. Good Work.
Sanjay Mohindra
Sanjay Mohindra
@Sanjay Mohindra
Read More
They were extremely good. Very hardworking and very professional. Cleaned up as well. Came back the next day to make sure everything was working well.
alexander tsassong
alexander tsassong
@alexander tsassongdra
Read More
Excellent job, they are fast and give you every detail you need to know about cameras. I really recommend them
Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim
@Abdul Rahim
Read More
Top Quality Professional security cameras installer. They came on time fully prepared. Technicians and were courteous. They installed Hikvision cctv cameras and hikvision video intercom in my villa in Dubai. Very satisfied. Highly Recommended
arjun neupane
arjun neupane
@arjun neupane
Read More
Wonderful experience with techncians. They did Hikvision Ezviz CCTV Camera installation and zkteco time attendance access control installation professionally. Highly recommended.

Our Recent CCTV Installation Projects

We’ve helped many people in Dubai and the UAE feel safer with our CCTV camera installation services. From busy city centers to quiet neighborhoods, we do it all! Let us help you secure your premises, too.

cctv project

CCTV Camera Installation in Jumeirah

CCTV Installation Project 2

CCTV Camera Installation in Dubai Marina

CCTV Camera Installation in Sharjah

CCTV Camera Installation in Sharjah

We Also Install Customise Security Solution Required For Your Home Or Business

Alpha Capital goes beyond CCTV! We offer complete security solutions for your home or business. This means not just cameras but also intercom systems for accessible communication, access control to manage who comes and goes, and even IT solutions to tie everything into a seamless security network. We keep you safe and secure, all in one place!

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

These systems allow for clear two-way communication between entry points and your main building, making identifying and authorizing visitors easy. This added control layer keeps your property secure and provides peace of mind.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

These systems allow for clear two-way communication between entry points and your main building, making identifying and authorizing visitors easy. This added control layer keeps your property secure and provides peace of mind.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions

For a truly integrated security network, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC offers IT solutions tailored to your needs. This might include firewalls for enhanced network security, data backup solutions for critical information, or remote monitoring capabilities.

CCTV Dubai

We’re experts in CCTV installation throughout Dubai, from busy city hubs to quiet suburbs. Our skilled technicians handle everything, from planning to maintenance, ensuring your custom CCTV Dubai system meets all regulations for your peace of mind. Plus, we offer a wide range of products that perfectly fit your needs.

Location We Serve In UAE

No matter your location in the UAE, Alpha Capital is your trusted partner for CCTV Camera installation. Here are some of the key areas we serve in the UAE.

  • CCTV Installation in Dubai
  •  CCTV Installation in Jumeirah Village Circle
  • CCTV Installation in Palm Jumeirah
  • CCTV Installation in Emirates Hills
  • CCTV Installation in Dubai Marina
  •  CCTV Installation in Al Quoz
  • CCTV Installation in Al Barsha
  • CCTV Installation Studio City
  • CCTV Installation The Lakes
  • CCTV Installation International City
  • CCTV Installation Oasis
  • CCTV Installation Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
  • CCTV Installation in Sharjah
  • CCTV Installation in Dubai Design District
  • CCTV Installation Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)
  • CCTV installation in Zabeel
  • CCTV Installation in Oud Metha
  • CCTV Installation in Festival City
  •  CCTV Installation in Al-Nahda
  • CCTV Installation in Al-Qusais
  • CCTV Installation in Al-Twar
  • CCTV Installation Umm Suqeim
  • CCTV Installation in Al-Rashidia
  •  CCTV Installation Hor Al Anz
  • CCTV Installation in Ajman
  • CCTV Installation Abu Dhabi
  • CCTV Installation in Jebel Ali
  • CCTV Installation Al Furjan
  • CCTV Installation in Business Bay
  • CCTV Installation in Bay Square
  • CCTV Installation Motor City
  • CCTV Installation Arabian Ranches
  • CCTV Installation in Deira Dubai
  • CCTV Installation Mira 1
  • CCTV Installation Arabian Ranches 2
  • CCTV Installation Jumeirah Golf Estate
  • CCTV Installation Bur Dubai


What is CCTV camera installation?

CCTV camera installation is the process of setting up a CCTV camera to monitor a specific area. CCTV camera installation guarantees your premises with a network of strategically placed cameras. Our professional team will assess your needs, suggest the best cameras, handle cabling and mounting, configure the system, and ensure it works perfectly, giving you peace of mind and recorded evidence if needed.

What are the steps to install CCTV cameras?

Here are the simple steps to install CCTV cameras. A security professional assesses your needs, recommends the best CCTV cameras, and handles everything from cabling and mounting to system configuration and testing, guaranteeing your utmost security satisfaction.

Can I install CCTV myself?

Yes, you can install CCTV cameras independently, but enlisting a professional installer for expert setup is advisable to ensure maximum effectiveness and security.

Are you having a problem with your existing CCTV System?

 Need help with your old CCTV system? Glitching out, outdated tech, or just needing to see everything you need? We offer professional CCTV camera installation right here in Dubai. Our friendly team will assess your needs, recommend the perfect cameras, and get everything set up smoothly. No more security headaches, just peace of mind! Call us today!

How do you get a free site survey for the CCTV Installation?

To avail of a free site survey for CCTV installation in Dubai, just contact us. We provide complimentary consultations and thorough assessments to ensure your security needs are met with precision and care.

How much does it cost to install a CCTV?

CCTV installation costs in Dubai typically range from 2450 to 8000 AED, depending on camera quantity, quality, and installation location within the UAE. Contact us for a free consultation with a professional installer to assess your needs and budget.

How to install CCTV camera system at home?

DIY CCTV installation is possible if you’re convenient and tech-savvy. Research camera types, plan placement, and gather tools. Mount cameras, run cables, configure settings, and test thoroughly. However, for a safe and guaranteed setup, consider a professional installer.

How can I connect my CCTV camera to my phone?

To connect your CCTV camera to your phone, install a compatible mobile app provided by the camera manufacturer, then follow the app’s instructions to pair your camera with your phone via Wi-Fi or a network connection, enabling remote viewing and control.

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