Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is a set of connected devices that can detect smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide in a building and let people know about it. Protect your assets with our fire detection alarm system and devices.

Fire Alarm System in Dubai

We offer comprehensive installation services for fire alarm systems in Dubai. We prioritize life and property safety by providing top-quality equipment and advanced systems that offer faster warnings and take proactive measures to prevent loss. Count on us to deliver peace of mind through reliable fire alarms in Dubai.

Fire Alarm System Components

Fire alarm systems consist of many components that work together to detect and alert individuals to the presence of fire or smoke. Some standard fire alarm components include:

Highly Recomended Products for Fire Alram Systems

fire alarm panel

Fire Alarm Control Panel IFP-2100

Honeywell Fire Alarm Control Panel XLS4000

Honeywell Fire Alarm Control System IFP - 2000

fire alarm panel 16-zone-conventional

Fire Alarm Panel - 16 Zone Conventional C-Tec FF516 MFP



fire alarm control panel

Fire Alarm Control Panel Intelligent IFP-100

Honeywell Fire Alarm Control Panel IFP-75

Fire Alarm Control Panel Honeywell IFP-75

6 Inch Fire Alarm Bell

Fire Alarm Bell Weatherproof 6 Inch

Gas Detection System

Gas Detection System

mcp fire alarm

Manual Call Point (MCP Fire Alarm)

Fire Alarm Sound

Fire Alarm Sounder Deep Base Red LED

Smoke Detector GST I- 9102

Smoke Detector GST I- 9102

Heat Detector

Smoke Alarm & Optical Smoke Detector

How Fire Alram System Works?

Our fire alarm system comprises vital components, each with a key role in fire detection and alerting. The fire alarm control panel serves as the system’s core, receiving signals from initiating devices and activating notification appliances upon fire detection. These initiating devices include pull stations, smoke detectors, and heat detectors.

Additionally, our system can detect harmful gases like carbon monoxide, methane, and propane. Notification devices such as horns, strobes, and speakers provide audible and visual alerts to occupants, while duct detectors monitor HVAC systems for smoke. We also offer monitoring services for 24/7 surveillance through a connection to a central station.

Fire Alram System Dubai

Fire Alram Systems Price in Dubai, UAE

Sr. NoFire Aram SystemBrandPrice in UAE
1Fire Alarm Control Panel IFP-2100Honeywell12720 AED
2Fire Alarm System IFP - 2000Honeywell14720 AED
3Fire Alarm Panel C-Tec FF516 MFPC-Tech7920 AED
4Fire Alarm Control Panel IFP-75Honeywell5420 AED
5Fire Alarm BellHoneywell200 AED
6MCP Fire AlarmHoneywell205 AED
7Smoke Detector GST I- 9102GST I- 9102360 AED
8Fire Alarm Control Panel IFP-100Honeywell5720 AED
9Fire Alarm SounderHikvision177 AED

Fire Alarm System Installation in Dubai, UAE

Looking for a reliable fire alarm system installation in Dubai? Look no further. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing complete fire protection solutions for your property. From designing and manufacturing high-quality fire alarm systems to installing new alarm systems, inspecting existing ones, offering AMC Fire Alarm Systems, modifying existing systems, maintaining fire alert systems, and upgrading and repairing them, we are your one-stop solution for fire safety. We are the top fire alarm system suppliers in Dubai, UAE, for residential and commercial sites.

Fire Alarm System

Benefits of Fire Alarm System

  • Early Detection: Fire alarms detect fire hazards early, allowing quick action to prevent fires from spreading.
  • Life Safety: Alerts occupants to evacuate safely, protecting lives.
  • Property Protection: Minimizes property damage by enabling swift intervention.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Provides continuous surveillance for immediate response to threats.
  • Reduced Response Time: Speeds up emergency responders’ arrival for effective firefighting.
  • Harmful Gas Detection: Alerts occupants to dangerous gases, ensuring safety.

Top Fire Alarm Company in Dubai, UAE

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is the top fire alarm company in Dubai, UAE. Our advanced systems include essential components like control panels, detectors, and notification devices, ensuring swift fire detection and protection for life and property. Trust us for reliable fire alarm solutions. For more information contact us now.! we provide free consultation.


How often should fire alarm systems be tested?

Fire alarm systems should be tested at least once a month to ensure proper functionality. Additionally, annual inspections by certified technicians are recommended.

Are there different types of fire alarm systems?

Yes, fire alarm systems vary in complexity and functionality, ranging from basic smoke detectors to advanced addressable systems with integrated monitoring capabilities.

Can fire alarm systems detect carbon monoxide?

Many modern fire alarm systems are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors to provide comprehensive protection against fire and CO-related hazards.

Where to Buy Fire Alram Systems in Dubai, UAE?

You can rely on our company’s expertise and offerings to purchase fire alarm systems in Dubai, UAE. We provide various fire alarm systems tailored to meet various needs and requirements.

What is the cost of Fire Alram Systems in Dubai, UAE?

The cost of fire alarm systems in Dubai, UAE ranges from 400 AED to 20,000 AED. This wide range in pricing reflects the variety of systems available, from basic models suitable for small residential properties to more advanced and comprehensive systems designed for larger commercial buildings.

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