5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor

5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor Dubai

The 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor is designed for outdoor surveillance purposes. With its high-definition resolution of 5 megapixels, it captures clear and detailed video footage. Its robust construction ensures durability and protection against various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor installation. The camera utilizes analog high-definition (AHD) technology, allowing for easy integration with existing CCTV systems. It provides enhanced image quality and excellent low-light performance, ensuring reliable surveillance and monitoring in outdoor environments. A 5MP AHD CCTV camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance in Dubai due to its high-resolution capabilities. It provides clear and detailed footage, ensuring enhanced security and accurate monitoring in various weather conditions.

5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor Solutions In dubai

There are various 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor solutions available in Dubai. These cameras offer high-resolution video surveillance and are suitable for outdoor environments. They provide clear and detailed footage, making them ideal for security purposes. Dubai offers a wide range of options from different manufacturers and suppliers to meet the specific requirements of outdoor surveillance needs.

Understanding AHD CCTV Camera

AHD (Analog High Definition) is a rather new era that revolutionized the CCTV industry via combining the benefits of each analog and digital systems. Unlike traditional analog cameras, AHD cameras can deliver high-definition (HD) video high-quality over coaxial cables. This technology allows for seamless integration with existing analog setups, making it a fee-powerful preference for upgrading security structures.

Key Features Of 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor

A 5MP AHD (Analog High Definition) CCTV camera designed for outdoor use typically offers several key features. Here are some common features you might find:

High-Resolution Imaging

A 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor captures video footage at a resolution of 2560 x 1944 pixels, providing clear and detailed images for surveillance purposes. The higher resolution allows for better identification of objects, people, and activities.

Day/Night Vision

The camera is equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs that enable it to capture footage even in low-light or complete darkness. This feature ensures round-the-clock surveillance capability.

Weatherproof Design

Outdoor cameras need to be able to withstand various weather conditions. A 5MP AHD CCTV camera for outdoor use is usually built with a rugged, weatherproof housing, providing protection against rain, dust, and other environmental factors.

Wide-Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens allows for a broader field of view, ensuring that a larger area can be monitored by a single camera. This is especially useful for outdoor surveillance where capturing a wide perspective is often necessary.

Benefits of 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor:

A. Enhanced Image Quality: The higher resolution guarantees that important information is captured, facilitating accurate identification of individuals and objects.

B. Cost-powerful Upgrade: AHD technology allows for seamless integration with current analog CCTV setups, eliminating the need for complete infrastructure overhauls.

C. Weather Resistance: The rugged layout of these cameras ensures reliable overall performance in harsh doors conditions, minimizing renovation and replacements.

D. Night Surveillance: IR night imaginative and prescient extends the digital camera’s capability even in low-mild or dark environments, supplying continuous surveillance with no compromise.

E. Easy Installation: The plug-and-play nature of AHD cameras simplifies installation, reducing setup time and related costs.

Integration with NVR Systems

The integration of 5MP AHD CCTV outdoor cameras with network video recorder (NVR) systems enhances the general capability and performance of outdoor surveillance setups. NVRs function as the relevant hub for storing, dealing with, and retrieving video photos from multiple cameras within a network. By seamlessly connecting with NVRs, 5MP AHD cameras provide numerous advantages that improve surveillance enjoyment.

Centralized Storage and Management: NVRs offer a committed platform for storing video recordings from more than one camera. This centralized technique simplifies data management and eliminates the need for separate storage gadgets for every digital camera. Users can access, seek, and assess recorded footage from all linked cameras effectively through the NVR interface.

Scalability and Flexibility: NVRs support the addition of several cameras to the community, permitting customers to extend their surveillance system as they wish. This scalability proves mainly precious for corporations or groups with evolving protection requirements. Users can, without problems, combine new cameras into the existing NVR setup without disrupting the general infrastructure.

Efficient Bandwidth Utilization: The integration with NVRs reduces the bandwidth load on the community while streaming video from multiple cameras. In my opinion, instead of each digicam transmitting its own video feed, the NVR aggregates the data from all cameras, optimizing bandwidth usage and ensuring smoother video transmission.

Simultaneous Recording and Playback: NVRs enable simultaneous recording and playback, permitting customers to check past occasions while the cameras maintain shooting actual-time photos. This function proves crucial for figuring out incidents and responding directly to protection breaches.

User-Friendly Interface: Modern NVRs frequently include user-pleasant interfaces that simplify digital camera configuration, live tracking, and video playback. The intuitive design makes it simpler for security personnel to navigate the machine and get the right of entry to the desired information swiftly.

Enhanced Security Features: NVR structures often come prepared with advanced security capabilities, and consumers get access to controls and encryption. These security measures make certain that only legal employees can access the recorded video and prevent unauthorized entry or tampering.

Remote Access and Monitoring: Integration with NVRs enables faraway users to get access to video feeds and recordings. Users can monitor their surveillance cameras from anywhere with an internet connection, with the use of an internet browser or dedicated mobile programs. This function permits owners, commercial enterprise proprietors, or protection employees to live related and respond quickly to any protection events, even if far from the premises.

Storage Redundancy: High-satisfactory 5MP AHD CCTV Outdoor cameras generate massive volumes of video records. NVRs often offer storage redundancy alternatives, along with RAID configurations, to ensure statistics integrity and safety in opposition to disk screw-ups. This redundancy ensures that essential video proof is safeguarded, even in the event of hardware troubles.

Importance Of Outdoor Cameras in Dubai

Outdoor cameras play a crucial role in Dubai for several reasons. First and foremost, they enhance security by monitoring and deterring potential intruders or criminal activities. They provide visual evidence that can aid in identifying perpetrators and resolving legal disputes. Additionally, outdoor cameras in Dubai can help in managing traffic flow, monitoring public spaces, and ensuring public safety. With Dubai being a vibrant city with diverse activities, outdoor cameras contribute to maintaining a secure and well-managed environment for residents and visitors alike.


The 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor represents a tremendous development in surveillance generation, supplying high-decision video, climate resistance, and night vision abilities for complete outdoor safety solutions. Whether it is safeguarding houses, organizations, or public areas, this present-day digital camera machine affords reliable surveillance spherical-the-clock. As the call for strong security answers continues to rise, the 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor remains a critical device in deterring crime and ensuring the protection of people and belongings.

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Q: What is the price of 5 MP outdoor CCTV camera?

The price of 5MP AHD CCTV Camera Outdoor price Is 2200AED.

Q: Which type of outdoor CCTV camera is best?

The best type of outdoor CCTV camera depends on specific requirements and preferences, but generally, cameras with features like high resolution, weatherproofing, night vision, and motion detection are considered ideal.

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