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Protect your home or business with an advanced CCTV system through our CCTV installation services from our experienced and certified technicians.

Your trusted partner for CCTV Installation in Dubai

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is your trusted and experienced partner in CCTV security solutions for homes and businesses throughout the UAE. We offer customized CCTV installation in dubai to meet your specific needs, and our professional installation team ensures that you receive the finest service. With state-of-the-art products and services, we can develop a flawless CCTV Installation for your needs. As a result of our commitment to quality, we have been chosen as the best CCTV camera installation provider in Dubai, UAE. 

Looking for CCTV Camera Installation in Dubai?

We offer a comprehensive range of customizable CCTV security systems and CCTV Camera Installation to meet your unique security needs and budget. Depending on your requirements, we can help you choose between IP and analog surveillance systems. Our proposed plans are designed to meet your current and future needs. We also offer the added benefit of assisting law enforcement through CCTV Security systems in solving crimes. Contact us now for security system installation in Dubai, UAE.

CCTV Camera Installation and Maintinance Dubai

Our CCTV camera security system services cover everything you need from installation to CCTV maintenance. It all starts with a thorough site survey and assessment to determine the best placement and configuration for your cameras. We handle all aspects of installation, including cabling, setup, and testing, ensuring your system functions flawlessly. Our expert technicians provide training so you can make the most of your CCTV setup, and we offer cleaning and inspection services to keep lenses and monitors crystal clear. We also manage recorders, regularly update firmware, and apply security patches to keep your system up-to-date.

CCTV Installation

How to choose right CCTV Camera for Enterprise Security?

When choosing the right CCTV camera service for enterprise security, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Camera Resolution: The resolution of a CCTV camera determines the quality of the images that it can capture. Higher-resolution cameras will produce sharper and more detailed images, which can be important for identifying people and objects in the footage. For enterprise security, it is recommended to choose a CCTV camera with a resolution of at least 1080p (HD).
  • Field of view: The field of view of a CCTV camera determines how much area it can cover in a single image. Wider field-of-view cameras are ideal for monitoring large areas, such as parking lots and warehouses. Narrower field-of-view cameras are better suited for monitoring specific areas, such as doorways and entrances.
  • Low-light performance: If you need to monitor your property at night or in other low-light conditions, it is important to choose a CCTV camera with good low-light performance. This will ensure that the camera can capture clear and usable images even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Motion detection: Motion detection is a feature that can be used to trigger the recording of footage when the camera detects movement. This can help to save storage space and make it easier to review footage.
  • Weatherproofing: If you need to install your CCTV camera outdoors, it is important to choose a weatherproof camera. This will ensure that the camera is protected from the elements and can operate reliably in all weather conditions.
  • Storage: CCTV cameras can store footage locally on a hard drive or in the cloud. When choosing a CCTV camera, it is important to consider how much storage you need. If you need to store a lot of footage, you may want to choose a camera that supports cloud storage.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to install a CCTV installation in your enterprise, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is here you to give all security solutions in Dubai, UAE.

Need A Free Consultant

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC offers a free consultant service to help you identify and address your security concerns. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and protect what matters most.

Mini Bullet Camera

Hhikvision Mini Bullet Camera 3K ColorVu DS-2CE10KF0T-LFS

  • Mini Bullet Camera 3K ColorVu
  • Smart hybrid light
  • Image Sensor3K CMOS
  • Solid Light Alarm (White Light)
  • Digital WDR
  • 2960 × 1665 resolution
  • built-in mic
  • Water and dust resistant
4 MP Bullet camera

4 MP Bullet camera Outdoor Wifi Camera DS-2CV2041G2-IDW

  • 4 MP resolution
  • Wi-Fi connection and easy installation
  • built-in two-way audio
  • storage up to 512 GB (SD card slot)
  • Image Sensor1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Wireless Range
  • Up to 120 m
  • Auto, Schedule, Day, Night
  • Water and dust resistant
8 MP Turret Camera

Hhikvision 8 MP Turret ColorVu Network Camera DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL

  • 8 MP resolution
  • Turret ColorVu Network Camera
  • 130 dB WDR technology
  • Audible Warning
  • built-in two-way audio
  • Image Sensor1/1.2″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • 24/7 colorful imaging
  • Water and dust resistant
6 MP Hikvision Dome Camera

6 MP Hikvision Dome ColorVu Network Camera DS-2CD2167G2H-LI(SU)

  • Dome ColorVu Network Camera
  • 6 MP resolution
  • 130 dB WDR technology
  •  AI deep learning technology
  • Built-in microphone for real-time audio security
  • Water and dust resistant

CCTV Camera installation Price

S.NoInstallation PackageNumber of CamerasPrice (AED)
1Basic Residential42,450
2Intermediate Residential84,000
3Advanced Residential166,500
4Basic Commercial43,400
5Intermediate Commercial85,500
6Advanced Commercial168,000

Please Note that prices can be vary depending on the specific requirements of the CCTV installation, such as the type of cameras, the complexity of the CCTV installation, and the location of the installation. Contact us at +971 55 408 4213  for more details and information about CCTV camera installation in Dubai.

How to Install CCTV Camera?

 To install a CCTV camera, you will need the following equipment:

  • CCTV camera
  • (DVR) or (NVR)
  • Cables and connectors
  • Power supply
  • Mounting hardware

Once you have all of your equipment, you can follow these steps to install your CCTV camera:

  1. Choose the location for your camera. The best place to install a CCTV camera is in a high location where it has a clear view of the area you want to monitor.
  2. Mount the camera. Use the mounting hardware to attach the camera to the wall or ceiling.
  3. Connect the camera to the DVR or NVR. Use the cables and connectors to connect the camera to the DVR or NVR.
  4. Power on the camera and DVR or NVR.
  5. Configure the DVR or NVR. You will need to configure the DVR or NVR to record video from the camera. You may also want to configure motion detection and other features.

Once you have completed these steps, your CCTV camera will be installed and ready to use.

Here are some additional tips for installing CCTV cameras:

  • Make sure the camera is installed in a location where it will be protected from the elements.
  • Use high-quality cables and connector switches.
  • Conceal the cables and connectors as much as possible to protect them from damage.
  • Test the camera system thoroughly before leaving it unattended.

For any more details and any CCTV camera installation in your home or business, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is here to provide you with all security solutions.

Indoor/Outdoor CCTV Camera Installation

Indoor/Outdoor CCTV Installation is a crucial step in ensuring the security of your premises. Proper CCTV Installation not only deters potential intruders but also provides valuable surveillance footage. When performing CCTV Installation, it’s essential to plan the camera locations carefully. Secure CCTV Installation involves mounting the cameras on walls or ceilings securely. During CCTV Installation, connect the cameras to a power supply and ensure proper cable management. 

For a successful CCTV Installation, connecting the cameras to a DVR/NVR is important. After completing the CCTV Installation process, configure the system settings to meet your security needs. Additionally, remote access setup is essential for convenient monitoring after CCTV Installation. Regular maintenance and compliance with privacy and legal regulations are essential aspects of CCTV Installation. Aplha Capital Security Systems LLC Provides both indoor and outdoor cctv camera installation and provide you a secure environment.

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