Home Camera For Security

To make it easy for authorities to detect the crime, it is vital to install a CCTV camera for home

CCTV Camera For Home

The security of your home or business is as crucial as other things. Almost all the time, people neglect surveillance, which can cause trouble later. Do you want to be free of the tension and stress of watching your home, kids, or private assets? Then you must choose a reliable and efficient CCTV camera for your home. We are here to provide you with the best CCTV camera for your property. Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC’s top priority is its customers. We have a dedicated team that works 24/7 to provide you with all the necessary security and telecom solutions

Our CCTV Installation Solutions

Our experts are well experienced and trained in the field of installing security cameras at home or the workplace. we provide the best CCTV surveillance system installation throughout Dubai. Our expert team ensures seamless setup, optimizing security with state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Trust us for reliable, customized CCTV installations that provide peace of mind and safeguard your property effectively.

Our CCTV Installation Solutions

CCTV Camera Installation for home

Alpha Capital Security System LLC provides the best services regarding the installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras in Dubai. We offer a diverse range of options that are suitable for every type of customer. All you have to do is call us or  get the best quotation. CCTV installation is now become easy and simple. You don’t have to worry about anything. Our dedicated team of technicians will come to your villa or workplace and do a proper survey. They will discuss all the necessary steps that will be executed according to your budget.

cctv camera for home

CCTV installation Company in Dubai

Our company is one of the leading CCTV installation companies in UAE. When it comes to the security of your home in Dubai, a CCTV system is essential. Furthermore, the government authorities of UAE make it compulsory for both commercial and residential buildings.

CCTV Camera Maintenance for home

CCTV maintenance matters as much as the installation. Any surveillance camera will become a nuisance and create problems if not properly checked and maintained over time. No daily routine checkups can lead to situations like faulty wiring, degraded video quality, compromising performance, or lens misalignment. Our maintenance service package includes hardware inspections, cleaning, routine checkups, and software updates. It is our job to keep your security cameras, DVRs, and other things in the best condition.


We also deliver AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract ) service which will thoroughly check your CCTV system periodically. AMC is important because because it allows the technicians to check the conditions of the home cameras. An AMC contract service gives a plethora of benefits such as improved efficiency, saving expenses, regular supervision, and improved security.

Different Types of CCTV Camera for home

All the CCTV companies in Dubai install various types of cameras. Listed below are the surveillance systems that are widely used in the UAE.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet camera is the best choice when it comes to long-distance monitoring. It has waterproof technology which is an amazing choice for an outdoor camera at home.

Dome Cameras

If you want a security camera that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor security then check out a dome camera shape like a dome.

IP Cameras

An IP is a digital camera that sends all the videos through a network, it stands for Internet Protocol.  You can use this security camera for surveillance.

360-Degree Cameras

To completely cover the area, the best choice is a 360-degree camera. As its name suggests this camera works by using a fish lens that records the history of the whole terrain. It is a suitable choice if you want to cover large open spaces.

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