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Get our solutions of Data Center in Dubai, UAE. We offer expert Data Center design for secure storage and efficient data management. Our advanced facilities securely store and manage your important data. Here you get complete Data Center Design Solutions.

Nowadays, all businesses rely on some type of data center to store their crucial information. Data is vital for organizations as it runs all the operations. Most companies in the UAE are using on-premise IT hubs with on-site servers to store data and information.

Modern-day data centers are playing a vital role in maintaining the speed and scale of our society. Designing a data center requires perfect design and construction, and also it requires thorough planning and a survey of the site to ensure that it can be set up properly. We are going to guide you thoroughly on data center in Dubai and also you will be able to learn the main components of data center in Dubai.

Appropriate Data Center In Dubai

There are two main and vital parts when designing a data center in Dubai. The main facility is the physical building of the data center design and the IT infrastructure housed within it. Let’s learn about both of them in understandable terms.


As we have talked before, the facility is the building where the data center operates. There are some essential factors to design required for data center design:

Space: When designing a data center, there should be enough space to place current and future IT equipment, often it is divided for different purposes.

 Power: It depends upon the capacity of the data center, sometimes it can reach up to 100 megawatts. The power supply should be clean, adequate, and reliable. 

Cooling: A significant factor in the development of data center design. Well-designed cooling systems to handle all the heat generated by the IT equipment.

Security: Security means controlled access with measures like providing badge access and video surveillance. 

Management: Nowadays modern data centers use a building management system to monitor and control environmental factors, security, and power usage in real-time.

Data Center Infrastructure Design

Our team is all about making sure your data center in Dubai works super well. We plan and organize where to put stuff like computers and internet things so they don’t get too hot. We also make sure there’s enough power and backup plans in case something goes wrong.

We design the network so everything talks to each other smoothly, and we keep your data safe with special locks and alarms. Our friendly experts are ready to chat with you and design a data center in Dubai that fits your needs perfectly. Reach out to us anytime to talk about what you’re looking for.

It consists of all IT equipment inside the facility. It includes various components and some of the most essential ones are listed below:

Servers: A server’s basic tasks are to secure and store data to perform computing tasks. You can get the best installation of the servers from our company. We deal with a variety of servers like HP, DELL, IBM, Windows, Linux etc. 

Storage: It consists of a system like disk arrays for storing and securing data. 

Networking: One of the vital components of the data center design is the networking which contains types of equipment like switches, routers, and firewalls for developing a computer network.

Cables and Racks: Cables are the wires that interconnect IT equipment and racks house all the equipment in an organized way. 

Backup Power: For backup power, the data center can use uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure all the operations are running smoothly without any disruptions.

Management Platforms: A management platform function is to oversee and manage all the IT infrastructure, reporting on health, capacity, availability, and configuration.

Facility and IT infrastructure are both important parts of a data center. They play a crucial role in the success of the project. These two things are most important for companies in Dubai when the data center design is required.

Data Centre Connectivity

Data Center Connectivity

Most organizations in the UAE follow the modular data center design. It allows the administrator team to add or remove the racks and servers without disrupting operations.

Having the benefit of changing the scalability of a data center facilitates both expansion and contraction. The equipment that outlasts all the other types of equipment in the data center is the cabling system. 

As a result, the management of cabling becomes vital and should be done carefully. Furthermore, you can also connect and disconnect individual units without causing disruptions. Preferably, the power and data cables should be kept separately to prevent potential interference.

Data Center in UAE

As a leading provider of solutions for data centers in the UAE, we understand the unique needs of businesses operating in this dynamic region. We’re really good at planning where everything should go with our Space Planning.

We make sure all the machines have enough power and don’t get too hot with our Power and Cooling Systems. We set up the internet part with our Networking Infrastructure. We customize the place where we keep your information and the computers working smoothly with Storage and Server Infrastructure. We add extra locks and alarms for safety with Security Measures and make plans for things going wrong with data backup and disaster recovery.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation establishing a new presence in the UAE or a local company expanding your IT infrastructure, we provide you with all solutions for Data Centers in the UAE.

Data Center in UAE

Power and Cooling Systems for Data Center in Dubai

Data centers rely on efficient Electrical Power and Cooling Systems to maintain smooth operations. A well-designed power distribution system guarantees continuous equipment functionality, while effective cooling solutions preserve favorable temperatures.

We prioritize these crucial aspects at our facility, offering robust power distribution systems and advanced cooling technologies specifically designed for data center in Dubai. Both components are essential for ensuring the overall dependability and performance of a data center, guaranteeing the stable functioning of vital IT infrastructure.

Data Center Cooling

Cooling systems are used in data center design to preserve equipment lifespan and prevent damage due to heating. The IT infrastructure generates a significant amount of heat, but various cooling solutions can be used to maintain the systems. Listed below are the three most commonly used cooling systems in the data center.

Data Center in Dubai (1)

Single Row Data Center

Enterprise Data Center in Dubai

Enterprise Data Center in Dubai

Adiabatic Cooling (Air)

Adiabatic cooling also known as Air Cooling employs rack-mounted fans that are used to draw warm air away from the servers. It can configured in a hot aisle/cold aisle, conditioned air travels along a cold aisle cooling the servers, while fans on the hot aisle expel hot air, maintaining overall room temperature.

Liquid Cooling (Water)

In liquid cooling, chilled water is used as a heat conductor that circulates through coils in a closed system. After that heated water passes through a chilling unit, to restart the cooling cycle.

Liquid Immersion Cooling

Liquid Immersion Cooling is a new emerging method of the future that replaces water with dielectric liquid coolant, eliminating the potential electrical issues. All the components are submerged in the liquid, eliminating the need for pumps and coils. It also addresses all the problems with water near electrical equipment and enhances the airflow, enabling dense and higher-performing data centers in the future.

Server Infrastructure for Data Center in Dubai

Building a strong server setup for data centers is like picking the right tools for a job. We choose and set up servers that fit what our organization needs, and we offer a variety of server types, including Blade Servers, Rack Servers, Tower Servers, Enterprise-level Servers, Micro Servers, Mainframes, GPU Servers, Storage Servers, and Database Servers. To make things run even better, we use smart plans like virtualization and server consolidation.

It’s like having a game plan to make sure our digital tools work efficiently and smoothly, without any unnecessary slowdowns.

Networking Infrastructure for Data Center Design

Creating a strong data center in Dubai involves carefully mapping out the network architecture, and deciding where to place switches, routers, network cables and other essential networking tools. We ensure there’s plenty of space on the digital highway (that’s the bandwidth) and keep things moving fast and smooth (low latency) for transferring data within the data center in Dubai and to the outside world. It’s like planning the best routes for information to travel, making sure everything stays connected and speedy.

Data Center in Dubai

Data Center Security

The security of data centers is vital all across the states of UAE because it safeguards sensitive data and information from different types of threats. Taking robust security measures ensures that critical assets, data, and equipment are secure. Security measures that every data center can take are anti-tailgating measures, biometric scanners, and on-site security staff at various stages.

Accessing the data center is strictly regulated for equipment preservation and security, reducing dust and contaminants. For additional reassurance, you can install lockable server racks.

Security Measures for Data Center in Dubai

Ensuring the safety of your data involves putting strong security measures in place. This means integrating protective features like firewalls, and cybersecurity which act like digital guards to keep out unwanted visitors, and intrusion detection/prevention systems to catch and stop any suspicious activities. We also use access controls to manage who gets in and who doesn’t. But it’s not just about digital defense – we’ve got physical security measures too, limiting access to the data center in Dubai to only those who need it. Think of it like having both a digital bouncer and a locked door to keep our data safe and sound.

Need A Free Consultant

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC offers a free consultant service to help you identify and address your security concerns. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and protect what matters most.

Disaster Recovery and Back Up

We understand that unexpected events can happen, so we’ve taken steps to protect your business data. We back up your data regularly and have systems in place to restore it quickly if there’s a problem. We also use redundant systems, which means we have backups of our hardware in case something breaks. This way, your business can keep running smoothly even if something unexpected happens.

Colocation Data Center Design

Colocation data center in Dubai design involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses various aspects, including power, cooling, security, network connectivity, and scalability.  We prioritize creating efficient, reliable, and scalable colocation data centers that cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Data Center Management Tools

Data centers use various tools to aid CTOs and IT professionals in monitoring IT infrastructure and performance. Here are the main management tools used in data centers:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Customer Portals

Airflow Design

  • Designing an airflow management system is as vital as cooling systems, both of them work together to protect sensitive data and pieces of equipment. 
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units utilize chilled water and air to maintain internal conditions within specified limits for temperature, airflow, and humidity. 
  • Data center architectures must be careful for provisions to address the sensitivity of components like magnetic tape which is particularly sensitive to humidity changes

What are the benefits of colocation in Dubai?

There are many benefits to colocating your IT infrastructure in Dubai, including:

  • Strategic location: Dubai is a major financial and commercial hub in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, making it an ideal location for businesses that need to reach customers and partners in the region.
  • High-quality infrastructure: Dubai has a world-class telecommunications infrastructure, with a variety of fiber optic networks and data centers.
  • Tax incentives: Dubai offers a number of tax incentives for businesses that invest in the emirate, including a 0% corporate tax rate for businesses operating in free zones.
  • Skilled workforce: Dubai has a large pool of skilled IT professionals.

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC Data Center Support Teams

The data center design requires proper support and management from experienced professionals who have the knowledge and expertise. Here comes Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC, a leader in the industries for designing and developing data centers for all businesses, organizations, and individuals in all the states of UAE.

Our company ensures that data center design has proper cooling and humidity systems, and physical racks that will deliver swift responses to the outages maintenance tasks, and emergencies. We provide services in all these states like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah, UAE. 

Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC takes pride in providing expert guidance to all businesses exploring colocation and cloud services. The main focus of our company is to facilitate companies with smooth migrations and assist clients every step of the way.

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