ezviz c1c cctvv Camera

Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera

Protecting our loved ones and valuable assets demands a reliable and modern security solution. Introducing the Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera an advanced and cutting-edge security system that offers comprehensive surveillance for Dubai homes. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this remarkable camera, offered by Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC in Dubai.

Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera Your Ultimate Security Companion

The Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera is designed to provide homeowners in Dubai with peace of mind. It provides a perfect security companion with its sophisticated technology and potent abilities, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance and control of your real estate.

ezvic c1c

Affordable Price for Unbeatable Security

At Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC Dubai, we understand the importance of budget-friendly security options. The Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera is not only feature-packed but also offered at a competitive price, making it accessible to all homeowners who seek reliable security measures.

Crystal Clear Indoor Surveillance with Ezviz C1C 720p Indoor Camera

The Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera boasts a high-definition 720p resolution, making it ideal for indoor monitoring. Using the camera, You may see detailed, clear video of the living room, office, or pretty much any indoor environment.

Enhancing Security with the Ezviz C1C CCTV Camera Default Password

For the protection of your property, enhancing security with the Eviz C1c CCTV Camera default password is crucial. You may greatly increase the camera’s resistance to hackers and assure the safety of your privacy and property by using a strong, unique password that adheres to best practices including avoiding commonly used passwords, increasing complexity, and using password managers.

Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera

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Ensuring Safety without Breaking the Bank

Presently, Dubai homeowners are able to get high security without breaking over their budgets. Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC Dubai offers the Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera at a competitive price point, allowing you to safeguard your property affordably.

Hassle-Free Installation with the Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera Manual

Worried about complex installations? Fear not, as the Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera includes a comprehensive manual to guide you step-by-step through the setup process. 

24/7 Protection with an Integrated Alarm System

The Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera Camera not only keeps a watchful eye on your property but also features an integrated alarm system. Any suspicious activity triggers an alert, ensuring continuous protection for your home and deterring potential intruders.

Real-Life Experiences Ezviz C1C CCTV Camera Review

At Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC Dubai, customer satisfaction is our priority. Learn firsthand from our customers about their interactions with the Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera, which will give you insightful information on the camera’s functionality.

Stay Updated with the Latest Software

Ezviz is committed to enhancing its camera’s performance and security. To ensure your camera is up-to-date, regularly visit our website for the latest Eviz C1c CCTV Camera software downloads.

ezvic camera safety review

The Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera is the ultimate security solution for Dubai homes, offered by Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC Dubai.  Safeguard your loved ones and belongings with the Ezviz C1C – your trustworthy and vigilant guardian.

ezviz c1c 720p smart home ip camera cctv night vision

The camera comes prepared with nighttime imaginative and prescient abilities, permitting it to capture pictures in low-mild conditions or complete darkness. This guarantees continuous monitoring and protection, even all night time.

With its clever home integration, the EZVIZ C1C IP Camera can be without problems linked to your own home community and accessed remotely through a smartphone app.

Comparison of Ezviz C1c CCTV Camera:

The Ezviz C1C camera is a budget-friendly option for smart home monitoring. Here are some ways it compares to other smart home cameras:

     Video Quality:
     Night Vision:
     Easy Installation:
     Wi-Fi Connectivity:
     Two-Way Talk:
     Wide Viewing Angle:
     Activity Zones:
Overall, the Ezviz C1C camera compares favorably to other budget smart home cameras in terms of video quality, night vision, easy installation, and features like two-way talk and wide viewing angle. However, some models of the Ezviz cameras, including the 1080p C1C, provide better video quality than other budget cameras.



Q: What is the price of the EZVIZ C1C camera in Pakistan?

The price of the EZVIZ C1C camera in Pakistan may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions. For the latest and correct pricing information, it is suggested to check with trustworthy online stores or licensed physical retailers.

Q: What is the price of the EZVIZ C1CB camera in Pakistan?

As of now, there is no specific information available regarding the EZVIZ C1CB model. It is recommended to inquire with authorized EZVIZ dealers or check online stores for any product updates and current pricing.

Q:Is EZVIZ a good brand?

EZVIZ is widely regarded as a reputable and reliable brand in the security camera industry. Known for offering a range of innovative and user-friendly products, EZVIZ has gained positive reviews from customers.

Q: Does the EZVIZ camera work without WiFi?

The functionality of EZVIZ cameras without WiFi connectivity depends on the specific model. Some EZVIZ cameras may be designed to work solely through a WiFi connection, allowing remote access and cloud storage features. On the other hand, certain models may support wired connections like Ethernet, which enable them to function without WiFi. To determine the WiFi capabilities of a particular EZVIZ camera model, it’s best to refer to the product specifications or user manual.

Q: Do CCTV cameras use a lot of electricity?

Generally, CCTV cameras are designed to consume relatively low power, making them energy-efficient for continuous operation. Most modern CCTV cameras use LED technology, which contributes to reduced power consumption. However, the actual electricity usage can vary depending on factors such as camera resolution, night vision usage, motion detection sensitivity, and whether the camera is part of a larger surveillance system. Overall, compared to many other electronic devices, CCTV cameras typically consume a modest amount of electricity.


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