Understanding and Implementing Network Firewall security Solutions in Dubai

Implementing network firewall security requires different solutions. The firewall is one of the most widely used options for network security solutions. What is a firewall in a computer network? A firewall is like a defense system that oversees all the traffic coming and going out, ensuring that only the right stuff enters the network.

In this modern era, Cyber Threats are becoming frequent and attacking the information of companies in the UAE. So, the best solution is to install a firewall that will act as a barrier between your network and the internet.  

Organizations or individual users set the rules that firewalls follow to block unauthorized access. We will discuss the best types of Network firewall security in Dubai.

Different Types of Network Firewall security Solutions

Different Types of Network Firewall security Solutions

You can get a firewall in both hardware and software units in Dubai. Software firewalls can defined as computer bodyguards that can be installed on each device to thoroughly control traffic by using applications and port numbers. If we look at hardware firewalls, they are stationed between your network and gateway. 

Nowadays, a firewall is provided by cloud hosting services called Cloud Firewalls. Let’s discuss the different types of firewalls available in the market of Dubai, UAE. We will also learn about the best firewall for the home network.

Packet Filtering Firewall:

Packet filtering firewall works by controlling the data flow coming in and going from the network. It decides which to allow or block data transfer based on source, destination address, application protocols, etc. The most used packet-filtering firewall systems are Sophos and SonicWall.

Proxy Service Firewall:

Defining a proxy service firewall, it protect the network by filtering messages at the application layer. All the organizations in the UAE use proxy service firewalls to serve as a gateway for specific applications, managing messages between networks.

Stateful Inspection Firewall:

A stateful Inspection firewall allows and blocks network traffic based on state, port, and protocol. It works by making decisions using administrator-defined rules and context.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW):

Next-generation firewall (NGFW) is designed to go beyond the level of basic network firewall security. Not only does it filter the information, but also it stops traffic at the application level. It works with intrusion detection and prevention systems to add more security to the network. NGFW is highly credible and widely used all around Dubai.

NGFWs offer more features than regular firewalls; they provide a complete view and control of applications and distinguish between safe and harmful ones. Additionally, these firewalls also stop malware from entering into the network. Before we move on, let’s discuss two of the best NGFW solutions available.

Fortinet FortiGate Firewall:

When discussing the best next-generation firewall systems, FortiGate is the top player in the UAE offering affordable, high-quality solutions. It provides robust and all-encompassing network protection with high performance.

Moreover, it can defend against all known and unknown threats by continuously monitoring applications, users, and content in the network traffic. FortiGate firewall safeguards the network from ransomware, malicious botnets, zero-day attacks, and encrypted malware.

Cisco FirePOWER Firewall Series:

When it comes to the best network firewall security in Dubai, the Cisco FirePOWER firewall offers the first fully integrated and threat-focused NGFW. It covers everything from the network to the endpoint. Moreover, Cisco offers unified policy management for firewall options, threat prevention, application control, and malware protection.

Using Cisco Firepower NGFWS, you can easily prevent data breaches and gain clear insights into risks to detect and mitigate the threat quickly. Cisco Firepower is compatible with 1000, 2100, 4100, and 9300 appliances, and it is ideal for Internet Edge and other high-performance settings.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall

A unified threat management firewall is a combination of stateful inspection, intrusion prevention, and antivirus in an easy-to-use manner. It uses extra features to protect the network against malware, suspicious activities, unauthorized access, and cyber threats. The best UTM firewall software you can get are Juniper Firewall and Threater.

How Firewalls Work in the Network

As we have talked about before, a firewall works by acting as a defense guard whose job is to regulate network traffic in the network. It will only open the network when the incoming traffic meets configured criteria. A firewall works according to established security rules that tell it to differentiate between blocking potentially harmful traffic and allowing good traffic data packets.

Furthermore, these rules are considered different parts of the packet data, like its source, destination, content, and more. The packet data adds another layer of protection against suspicious sources.

Final Words

To conclude our discussion, a firewall is an essential aspect of network security and is considered to be the most vital solution. Nowadays, many organizations, businesses, and homeowners are installing network firewall security to protect their data from unauthorized access, cyber attacks, ransomware, and malware. 

The main problem comes with the installation of a new network security solution. Here, our company comes with an experienced and dedicated team of individuals who will thoroughly survey and install the most reliable network firewall security solution in your network security system. 

Our company, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC, enables all businesses and homeowners to install the best security solutions in all the states of UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah. Not only are we experts in installing network firewall security systems, but we also have an extensive range of services for installing and maintaining all the available security systems.

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What is network firewall security?

A Network Firewall is a security device used to prevent or limit illegal access to private networks by using policies defining the only traffic allowed on the network; any other traffic seeking to connect is blocked.

What are the 3 types of firewalls?

The three main types of firewalls (packet-filtering, stateful inspection, and proxy) offer progressively more advanced protection levels. Firewalls don’t inspect application-level traffic, which can lead to blocking safe traffic or websites such as YouTube under certain circumstances.

Why is firewall important in network security?

With the rise of data theft and criminals holding systems hostage, firewalls have become even more important, as they prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your data, emails, systems, and more. A firewall can stop a hacker completely or deter them to choose an easier target.

What is firewall rules in network security?

Firewall rules are the major components of firewall policies that determine which types of traffic your firewall allows in and out of your network, and which are blocked. They are access control mechanisms that firewalls use to protect your network from being infiltrated by malicious or unauthorized traffic.

How to use firewall?

  1. Secure the Firewall. …
  2. Establish Firewall Zones and an IP Address Structure. …
  3. Configure Access Control Lists (ACLs) …
  4. Configure Other Firewall Services and Logging. …
  5. Test the Firewall Configuration. …
  6. Manage Firewall Continually.
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