outdoor security camera in dubai

Outdoor Security Camera in Dubai

Searching for the ultimate outdoor security camera in Dubai to bolster your property’s protection? Your search ends here. Our premium range of outdoor security cameras in Dubai delivers unparalleled surveillance and tranquility. Be it safeguarding your residence, workplace, or open areas, our collection boasts extensive features and superior performance. Unearth the ideal outdoor security camera in Dubai that perfectly matches your desires. Count on our proficiency to present you with the finest choices, ensuring your property’s safety via advanced technology and steadfast monitoring. Dive into the optimal outdoor security camera in Dubai, tailored to your needs.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera in Dubai

Looking for reliable surveillance solutions? Consider the convenience and wide range of technology of a wireless outdoor security camera in Dubai. These advanced devices offer robust protection, permitting you to monitor your property seamlessly. Whether it’s safeguarding your home or business, an outdoor security camera in Dubai provides peace of mind. 

With their weather-resistant diamond and remote wangle capabilities, these cameras are a platonic nomination for enhancing your security setup. Don’t compromise on safety; invest in an outdoor security camera in Dubai to ensure your property’s protection is top-notch, all year round.

Wifi Camera Outdoor

Looking to enhance your surveillance setup? Consider the convenience and efficiency of a WiFi camera outdoor solution. Whether it’s keeping a watchful eye on your property or ensuring the safety of your loved ones, a WiFi camera designed for outdoor use offers unparalleled flexibility and ease of monitoring. 

With the rising importance of outdoor security camera in Dubai, especially in popping urban centers like Dubai, the need for reliable solutions has never been greater. Our range of outdoor security cameras in Dubai is designed to meet your specific requirements, providing you with peace of mind and real-time access to your surroundings.

Embrace advanced technology and safeguard what matters most with our WiFi camera outdoor selection, delivering wide security solutions that stand up to the demands of modern life.

Hikvision Dubai

Hikvision Dubai is your gateway to advanced security solutions Their outdoor security camera options in Dubai provide wide monitoring and protection against various threats. From the first line of your security strategy to the middle line of implementation, and all the way to the end line of fortified protection, Hikvision Dubai is your trusted partner for top-quality outdoor security cameras in Dubai.

Outdoor security camera in dubai

6 MP AcuSense Vandal Fixed Dome Network Camera

440.00 AED

  • 4K 8MP resolution: High-definition image quality for clear and detailed video surveillance.
  • 2.8mm wide-angle lens: Wide field of view, capturing more of the scene with minimal distortion. in 8mp cameras
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet): Easy and convenient installation with a single cable for power and data transmission.
  • Built-in microphone: Enables audio recording, enhancing the surveillance capabilities.
  • IR (Infrared) night vision: Provides clear images even in low-light conditions in  8mp cameras
  • Durable design: IP67 weather resistance and IK10 vandal-proof rating ensure the camera’s reliability in harsh environments.

Hikvision Outdoor Camera

Looking to enhance your property’s security? Consider the reliability and wide technology of a Hikvision outdoor camera. These cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing high-quality surveillance. Whether you’re safeguarding your home, office, or commercial space, Hikvision outdoor cameras offer peace of mind with their unrenowned performance. 

When it comes to outdoor security camera in Dubai, Hikvision is a trusted name. Explore the range of options available to misogynists for outdoor security cameras in Dubai with Hikvision, and ensure your property remains protected virtually around the clock.

EZVIZ Outdoor Camera

Introducing the EZVIZ Outdoor Camera, a reliable solution for bolstering your security measures. With its wide features and robust design, the EZVIZ Outdoor Camera ensures that your property stays protected virtually the clock. Whether you’re concerned well-nigh safeguarding your home or merchantry premises, this outdoor security camera in Dubai is designed to meet your surveillance needs. 

The EZVIZ Outdoor Camera combines advanced technology with durability, making it a smart nomination for those seeking enhanced security solutions in Dubai. Upgrade your security setup today with the EZVIZ Outdoor Camera and wits peace of mind like never before.

EB8 4G 2K

Pan & Tilt 4G Battery Camera

Make 360° protection mobile and reliable

Now, it’s easier than ever to put security in action in the places you care about most. EZVIZ’s newest camera overcomes installation limitations caused by networks or electricity. The EB8 4G is battery-powered with no strings – or cords – attached.

It operates on 4G LTE networks in the outdoors where Wi-Fi may not be available. It also inherits key features from EZVIZ’s popular outdoor pan & tilt predecessors to provide smart and reliable protection 24/7.

Sira Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

As a Sira-approved CCTV Company in Dubai, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC is your trusted partner in ensuring top-tier security solutions. Our transferral to safeguarding your premises is backed by Sira’s stamp of approval, guaranteeing the highest standards in security services. 

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor security camera solutions in Dubai, Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC has you covered. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive security solutions, and we take pride in offering state-of-the-art outdoor security camera systems tailored to Dubai’s unique needs. Wits peace of mind with Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC – your premier nomination for wide security solutions in the city.

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