Ultimate Guide to Server Solution in Dubai

Every single day companies all across the UAE are enhancing their businesses. When a business setup increases so does their capacity of data. To store large data they need systems that are specially designed to counter all of their problems while protecting their data

So, the best solution is to choose a reliable and well-protected server. We are going to provide you with different server solution that will help you store all of your data and information and keep your mind at peace. 

So, when any problem like an outage happens servers provide the backup for usage. Not installing a server or choosing a server that isn’t suitable for your business can ruin your company’s reputation and you will have a financial loss. 

A server is designed to facilitate the company or individuals with various services and products. The server can be a piece of hardware or software that provides help to a single or more computer in the network. Nowadays, servers are designed to offer more options with low cost and maintenance.

To save time and resources, an organization has to know what type and size of server they require. We are going to provide different types of servers for you to understand which type you need. Furthermore, you can easily access these server solution in Dubai.

Server Solutions in Dubai

Choosing Hardware Server Solution in Dubai

A hardware server is the most used server, specially designed to provide services, resources, and functionalities to other systems or computers on the network. At a single time, the hardware server can handle a plethora of tasks for multiple users. 

Before buying a hardware server you should know your business requirements. The most important factors that you should consider when buying are size, specification, processor, price, and operating system. You can get hardware servers in three different types that are tower, rack, and blade servers.

Not only that, our company Alpha Capital Security Systems LLC provides the best hardware server solution through Dubai. You can more information regarding Hardware servers on our website.

HP Servers solution

HP is known for designing tech products and providing service solutions to both individuals and businesses. HP developed the best servers in the market that are low-cost and easy to use. Blade systems are the best HP servers with advanced functions and features. An HP blade system designed with cutting-edge technology that fulfills every business requirement. The most prominent blade server series that HP developed is ProLaint.

IBM Servers solution

We can’t forget IBM when talking about physical servers. IBM-designed servers are widely used throughout the globe. Furthermore, IBM servers have great security features. If you want to instantly downsize or upsize the workload from multiple computers then use IBM servers.

DELL Servers solution

Throughout time, Dell has produced amazing computer systems and accessories. Furthermore, Dell provided individuals and businesses with its highly developed servers with advanced technology.  Whether you have a small business or a low budget, Dell servers are designed to meet your requirements.

When it comes to dealing with a lot of tasks, Dell server solution are the best choice because they have strong components and each server goes through harsh tests to make sure they don’t break. These servers grow with the business and help them to work constantly without any nuisance.

Need A Free Consultant

Alpha Capital Security System LLC offers a free consultant service to help you identify and address your security concerns. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and protect what matters most.

Why companies are moving towards Cloud Server Solution ?

Modern storage problems require modern solutions. Several organizations and businesses around Dubai, are moving towards cloud-based servers. Cloud servers are more beneficial than hardware servers as they don’t require you to build physical infrastructure and servers.

Cloud hosting works just like a hardware server solution , it stores data in a physical server with all the required components. The physical servers are located at the premises of the cloud hosting service provider. The difference is that the cloud hosting service provider handles all the work and you are getting server solution from them. Listed below are the benefits of using the cloud-based servers

  • In case of unforeseen events, cloud hosting provides backup and recovery solutions.
  • The key advantage of using cloud servers is that they provide amazing scalability. 
  • This scalability allows you to decrease or increase your workload without the need to spend too much money.
  • Companies and individuals have a lot of options when it comes to choosing cloud hosting. They can select which matches their environment and requirements
  • Cloud hosting is environment-friendly and can be used to eliminate all the costs that are required to build the infrastructure for a physical server.

The Right Software Server Solution for Your Business

Using certain software you can also create your server. Through this method, you will make your system act as a server and allow it to manage all the hardware and software parts of the network. Users can share different resources by using this software as the server solution. This method is widely used across Dubai, as small businesses are moving towards this server solution.

Active Directory Server Solution

To define an active directory server, we can say that it is a collection of services in the form of a database that enables the network users to complete their work. The active directory contains all the significant data that is related to your network environment. It also includes how many users and computers are on the network and what are their duties. 

In other words, you can say that the active directory can contain a list of 100 users with all the details like phone numbers, job titles, and passwords. Companies can use active directories to make the lives of administrators and end users easy while increasing the security of the overall network.

This type of server works acting as a central hub for users login. The users don’t need to separately login to the computer, instead, a domain controller managed by the Active Directory server handles user authentication.

Application Server Solution

Application servers manage a central place and from that central location, it allows users to access different information and programs. You can think of it as a chief who is managing the busy kitchen, just like that application server’s task is to make sure that everything is working smoothly. 

Application servers handle tasks by talking to the programs, the most common language they use is HTTP which is good at managing a plethora of tasks at the same time. This type of server comes in handy for businesses that change a lot like online shopping.

In simple words, application servers are like administrators of computer programs. It ensures they all work together and provides up-to-date information to the users.

File Sharing Server Solution

A file server works by using a large central storage as a server where all the information about folders and files is stored. Using this method, you will be able to store all the information in a correct and organized way that only the right people can access.

In business, it works by enabling all the employees to get any piece of information regarding files or folders through the central repository. Workers can then access this information using different smart devices such as smartphones and computer systems.

To understand a file server, multiple employees can look at and edit the files but access to the server is with the administrator. The server administrator has the job to manage, organize, and provide access to the employees.

Storage Server Solution

As companies are moving towards enhancing their business, they are also generating more digital data. For this purpose, companies are selecting storage servers because they are affordable, extendable, and easy to access and manage the information. 

A storage server is designed to manage, secure, and store applications and data. You can access the information using the internet or a shared network. Storage servers offer more advanced options related to data management capabilities. 

When it comes to storage servers there are two types. First is dedicated servers which are specifically for the storage of files and folders. While non-dedicated servers can store different types of data.

Database Server Solution

Database server works by storing and managing the data for other computers. It acts as a specialized computer in the network whose task is to provide the data or information to the client computers at their request.  

The database servers are important in the company network, they manage and preserve data and actively work to make sure that all programs and tools function smoothly. A database server consists of two main parts: software and hardware. 

The software of the database works to manage all the tasks. While the hardware is the machine that has the responsibility to store and recover the data. Database servers are designed to handle large amounts of information and they work quickly in situations when multiple clients are accessing the data.

Most of the time organizations use database servers to store applications and non-database files because they are easy to find as compared to regular servers. Furthermore, database servers also provide security and recovery of data to ensure that it is safe and can be recovered when needed.

Linux Server Solution

A Linux server is a special kind of computer that uses the open-source Linux operating system. It’s built to handle important business tasks like web services and databases.

These servers provide a strong foundation for big data centers and different types of environments, from basic hardware to virtual machines and containers. They’re useful for private or public clouds. Linux servers can help in your move to digital technology and developing cloud apps. They boost productivity, speed up services, and bring in new software ideas like cloud technology, containers, and automation.

A Linux server is a computer system that uses the Linux operating system. Linux is a free and open-source software that was created as an alternative to MINIX, which itself was based on Unix principles. Linux servers are popular because they are stable, secure, and flexible, setting them apart from other proprietary servers.

The open-source nature of Linux keeps costs low for setup and maintenance and offers flexibility in managing servers. Users benefit from the support of an open-source community. Many businesses choose Linux servers because of these advantages.

In a nutshell, Linux servers provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses, thanks to their open-source nature and strong community support.

Windows Server Solution

You have probably heard of Windows servers and think they are the same as the Windows of normal systems. But the truth is that they are different from windows for desktops, although you can find some similarities in both of them. 

Microsoft launched a server operating system which is known as Windows Server. Throughout the years, Microsoft released many editions of servers such as Windows Server 2003, 2003 R2, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019. Differences between Windows operating systems and Windows servers are

  • Windows OS for desktops is mostly used for normal tasks and operating programs, while the Windows server is operated by organizations to provide large storage capacities.
  • Windows servers provide great memory support as comparison the the Windows for desktops. 
  • Windows operating systems offer 32-bit which can support 32 cores and 64-bit which can handle 256 cores. In comparison to that, a Windows server can handle unlimited cores at a single time. 
  • The limit of the network connections also increases when switching from Windows for desktop to Windows servers.

Nevertheless, a Windows server is a great choice when you want to increase the storage capacity and network connections.

Security Server Solution: Building a Robust Defense Infrastructure

Security servers are used to keep all of your data and information on the servers from attacks like data breaches, unauthorized access, and malware. The main goal of security servers is to secure all of your services and resources. Security server uses both administrative and technical measure to do the work.

The technical measures security servers provide are disabling unnecessary services, strong passwords, and cybersecurity software. You have to be strict in giving access to the privileges to the users. To detect and respond to the threats security server use monitoring tools.

Many organizations nowadays use a mix of tools and security policies, risk assessments, and security assessments to make the servers secure and protected from vulnerabilities. Most of the common problems a server can face are outdated software, weak passwords, and not maintaining patches. 

Furthermore, network ports that aren’t configured and old accounts can also pose a threat to the security of the server. Another important aspect of a security server is ensuring that your physical hardware is secure and safe from unauthorized access.

Antivirus Server Solution

To secure and protect your server from viruses, threats, and dangerous software, you have to choose a reliable antivirus server. You are putting data and money at risk without an antivirus server.

When it comes to choosing a antivirus make sure that it is compatible and doesn’t slow down your system. Not using an antivirus server will put your whole network and system at risk. There are various options available regarding antivirus servers. Choose the one that monitors the health of the servers and workstations and also focuses on the server individually.

The Benefits of Choosing Us

There are a lot of companies around the UAE who are providing server solution, But what separates us the Alpha Capital Security System LLC that we are client-oriented and focus on the requirements of all of our customers. We provide all server solution in Dubai and all around the UAE. You can make a call and get to know which server is best for your business.

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