Installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras Dubai

Benefits of Installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras in Hotel

Installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras Benefits

The traditional thought process with regards to installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras is limited to security purposes. However, with big strides being made by camera companies such as Hikvision have revolutionized this use. There are several benefits that the hotel industry can obtain with the installation of installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras. Security inside the hotel: it is the basic use of surveillance with installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras. The presence of security cameras discourages theft because there is a higher chance of the culprit being caught. Moreover, even if the theft still takes place, the perpetrator can easily be caught using the surveillance recordings that are backed up in the storage system. Security outside the Hotel: It is equally necessary to surveil the area surrounding the hotel e.g., the parking areas etc. This helps the hotel be aware of any illegal activities that might take place around the hotel. It deters any breach of security by deterring criminal activities in the entire area. Supervising Hotel Amenities and Customer belongings: Surveillance footage can be used to ensure that the staff do not misuse the equipment given by the administration or mistreat the belongings of the visitors. This can be administered with the use of body cameras. Moreover, it also helps to ensure that the customers do not acquire possession of any object that is not part of the hotel expenses e.g., decoration pieces. Insurance purposes: The surveillance inside the hotel help the administration have proof in case a lawsuit is filed against them thus protecting the hotel against fraudulent behavior. Data collection: installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras can be used along with key cards to make the check-in process smoother. This will require a smaller number of staff to oversee all the customers. Competitive Advantage:  All the precautions mentioned above help the customers’ perception of the hotel as a safe place. This generates more customers to the hotel as security is a major concern of tourists. Cost-Saving: The use of installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras means that many of the areas are covered by these hence there is less necessity to hire guards to oversee all areas. This reduces the long-run operational cost of the hotel. Reduced Maintenance: installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras such as Hikvision are very low maintenance hence the installation of the cameras helps reduce focus on maintenance so that more time can be dedicated towards expansion.Increased Reliability: CCTV camera installation is more preferrable to hiring the human work force to monitor security as this requires extensive background checks. Points that require installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras in hotels 
  • Parking lots 
  • Entrance door 
  • Restaurants 
  • Bar areas
  • Meeting places
  • Elevators 
  • Lobbies 
  • Kitchens 
  • Waiting area  

Hikvision as your best CCTV Camera Choice 

Hikvision provides a large variety of installing Hikvision CCTV Cameras that can be used in hotels to optimize the benefits of surveillance. IDS-2CD8A86G0-XZHSY 1050/4 8 MP DeepinView Multi-sensor (TandemVu) Bullet Camera This camera has a built-in smart algorithm that helps show a clearer facial image. This camera is ideal to be used for the entrance of hotels so every individual that enters is easily recognized. 

4 K ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network Camera

This camera shows colored recordings with a crisp video recording at nighttime. This is the ideal camera to be used outside the hotels as well as the parking lot to ensure safe keeping of the vehicles. 

DS-2CD4125FWD-IZ Super WDR Indoor Camera

This camera is ideal to use in elevators. It captures high resolution pictures with adequate RAM to store recordings. 

DS-2CD2E20F Recessed-mount Dome Camera

This model is best used in lobbies as it is easy to mount and rotatable to cover a larger area using less cameras.

DS-MH2311(C) Android 4G Dismountable Battery Body Camera

The model is portable and is Wi-Fi compatible. It can easily be used as a body camera to monitor and better administer employee activity. 

DS-2CD2D45G1/M-D/NF Covert Network Camera

This model is discreet with clear imaging which makes it ideal to use at the reception of hotels. The storage gives the advantage to review traffic and identify the customers that stay at the hotel. 

DS-2CD6365G0E(-S)/RC 6 MP In-Ceiling Fisheye Network Camera

This camera can be used to improve service. The two-way audio can help the staff to communicate and result in better management of the customers. The fully rotational camera can cover large areas and deter thieves as the individual cannot identify where the camera is pointing.

DS-2XS6A25G0-I/CH20S40 EXIR Fixed Bullet Solar Power 4G Network Camera

This solar powered camera helps save electricity during the day. It is ideal for parking lots outside hotelsAll these Hikvision Cameras are easy to mount, sleek, and elegant thus they blend well with the theme of hotels, without damaging the overall outlook. 


Hotel business in Dubai is extremely competitive hence using the efficient technology offered by Hikvision can help hotels operate on efficiency and safety. These are important aspects to operate a hotel that is self-sustaining, low maintenance, and cost efficient.
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